UConn Pimp Slaps Missouri: On To The Final Four

// March 29th, 2009 // Uncategorized

UConn in the Final Four…all is right with the universe.
Not to point out the obvious, but buying this shirt would be a sweet way to show your UConn pride, and keep the girlfriend from leaving a broke FWG.
Just a thought

5 Responses to “UConn Pimp Slaps Missouri: On To The Final Four”

  1. jay_tray1026 says:

    OK winning it all. I could honestly give two shits about college basketball, but of all the national championships, that one is the most legit.

  2. kristoffer says:

    I was looking through the pics from your game. Looks like you still don’t know what a mouth piece is for. It doesn’t belong in your facemask! Remember when you almost bit your tongue off last year? lol

  3. scott says:

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  4. Melvin says:

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  5. Roger says:

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