The Formerly Fat White Guy

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A while back in “Final Thoughts” I floated the idea of losing some weight. Well after some e-mails contacts, and discussions with my arteries, I have decided to launch The Formerly Fat White Guy Project. I have enlisted the help of the very best in the business of weight loss, Kevin Weiss (a natural body builder–from Canada–but we’ll forgive him for that). But The Project is not just about me (how boring would that be?). Instead I am asking you (that’s right–you) the reader to participate:


First prize: 2 FWG T-shirts (of your choosing)
and TWO (2) FREE tickets to a UConn Football game (home or away)
Second Prize: 2 FWG T-shirts–and ownership of the blog for a day
Third Prize:
1 FWG T-shirt of your choosing

Soooo…how do I enter?
Email me ( a “before” picture–along with 200-300 words on your “Fat-Hood” *Remeber–skinny-fat counts too!
We will post the “contestants” at the end of this week.
A “winner” will be chosen on July 18th.
Based on total weight loss/physical improvement/best story

Get to it!

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  1. fatpickle says:

    I need to lose a few and I just might play along…but 3 months of dieting and working out? How about 2 months? I’m willing to commit to a diet, not a way of life.

  2. scott says:

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  6. Jason says:

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  7. stanley says:

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