….and the natives are restless

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Got this little piece of “fan mail” over @ NESN.COM — in response to the piece I ran about our last game against the Gladiators.

Hey Lunn,
I think you fail to realize that you are playing (football) in a tiny village of Austria, for a 3rd tier team. It isnt Austrian Football” and neither does “Portschach” represent Austria. Its a tiny village in a state that is, well, different. The Carinthian Black Lions, your team, arent very good at all, and now that I read about your cigarettes at half time I do understand why they are so miserably bad. I think that if it werent for your DJ Hernandez who is an exceptional athlete, you wouldnt even be able to beat most Division 3 teams (like for example the Gladiators). So maybe next year you can play in a CITY of Austria for a CONTENDING team – although based on your performance thus far, I rather doubt they would pay for your services. The worst of it is though, how you expose your teammates and organisation to ridicule…they really got a lemon and although I dont like the Carinthian Black Pussy Cats, I do feel sorry for them.

Maybe you pass by Vienna some time again and we can show you a thing or two about real football in Austria.

Rgds, Cookie

Ahhh where to start with this? Am I the only one that finds humor in the whole “cigarettes at half time” thing? I hope not. Truth is, this IS Austrian Football—not American Football in Austria. Trust me, there is a difference (Personal Foul in the endzone = 2 points?–yeah, that happened). For the record, the Carinthian Black Lions did a number on the Gladiators, dismantling them and winning by more than 4 touchdowns. DJ has proved to be probably THE premier quarterback in the AFL, providing serious headaches for opposing defenses. And when it comes to me playing in a “real” city well, I’m no statistician but I’d say 8 sacks in 5 games isn’t too bad. But, in the mean time me and my band of flunkies (read: The best group of guys in Austria) are gonna keep on keepin’ on. Put that one in your translator and smoke it.

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9 Responses to “….and the natives are restless”

  1. Matt says:

    Playin for the love of the game, bro.

    I’d like to see this guys credentials… I feel like the only dickhead who would take the time to rag on somebody for playing in a lower-level league -in one of the most historic regions in the world- is a guy who probably played soccer in high school. (and btw, soccer is for pussies)

  2. Bee2636 says:

    anyone else think cookie’s lederhosen are pulled a little too high?

  3. Molehead says:

    Ahhh… nothing says you are doing something right more than hate mail!

    I sure do hope Cookie was more than a grass farie in highschool tho!

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