The Fire Still Burns!

// May 24th, 2009 // Uncategorized

Yesterday I played in a game that is now tied for first with the best football game I have ever played in. The Carinthian Black Lions’ victory over the Vienna Vikings is some of the best football I have ever had the distinct honor and pleasure of being associated with. More to come soon….

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  1. Bee2636 says:

    Nice shot of you and DJ.
    You’ve got that intensive
    brow stare and DJ is recharging
    for the next offensive push.

    The Hills are Alive with the
    Sound of Victory!

  2. Wince says:

    When will we get to hear more about this game?

  3. Remus says:

    picture has been actually taken some time ago. the Black Lions played against the CNC Gladiators … the team with the OLiner playing QB ;)

    more pics @

  4. scott says:

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