How Not To Chest Bump Your Girlfriend

// June 1st, 2009 // Uncategorized

You know, its all fun and games in the hills of Austria till you decide that a mid-air-chest-bump photo-op is a good idea. Take notice, this is NOT how to win the affection of your significant other.

“I’m-a marry the shit out of you”

6 Responses to “How Not To Chest Bump Your Girlfriend”

  1. Bee2636 says:

    Possible classifications:
    a) Full-Frontal Assault
    b) Moob Blast!
    c) Klagen-Floppher
    d) Indecent Proposal

    /needs more Rule of Verticality

    not seen: giving her a hand up with an invitation to ‘walk it off’ or ‘rub some
    dirt on it’

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