Kabob in Klagenfurt

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In my professional opinion (and I do consider myself a professional) there is only one place to eat in Klagenfurt. Whether it is that snack on the go or a sit down meal, it has to be Kabob. Specifically, “Kent Kabob” in the city that always sleeps: Klagenfurt, Austria. Owned and operated by my favorite Turkish people in all the world, Kent is my number one place for “cheat” meals–but even I’m not sure how “bad” kabob is for you. How could something so good, be so bad? Anyway, here is a few pictures of me annoying the owners as I order 4 kabobs at a time. I also learned the ancient art of shaving my own meat (wait, what?).

8 Responses to “Kabob in Klagenfurt”

  1. Bee2636 says:

    Looks like you’re getting
    ready to flatiron your
    sausage, if you ask me.

    Probably lamb, so cheat away.

  2. Walk On Boy says:

    Franchise the hell out of the European burrito, I’ll man the spinny cutter thingy.

  3. NICOLE says:

    a) what are you wearing

    b) i spent 5 days with you and i know how to spell "kebap" — you have lived there for 4 months, have you never seen the sign out front??

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