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Tim Tebow States The Obvious, NCAA Probably Appalled

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Listen, I’m not going to say I told you so, but  I told you so.   Tim Tebow came out in his interview with the New York Times and offered this exchange:

NYT: How close are you to graduation?

Tim Tebow : I’m going to graduate in December.

NYT: A light semester coming up, I assume?

TT: Yeah.

NYT: Ballroom dancing like Matt Leinart?

TT: (laughs) Easier.

NYT: What do you have?

TT: I guess the class that I would have is senior seminar. It’s one hour and one credit. It’s on Tuesday afternoons and we have practice. I’m going to work around that with the professors. I’m going to do whatever my counselor sets up. I’m a football player this semester.

You know, I did the same thing my senior year.  My class was one credit, it met once a week, and you know what our assignment was?  Start a blog (and that’s how this dream was born….)  Matt Leinart took ball room dancing, I took blogging 101, and Tim Tebow is taking a “Senior Seminar” (That’s SEC-Speak for, “I’ll see ya, when I see ya”). Just about every 5th year player takes this route, a candid Tim Tebow is not the exception, although this kind of honesty is a breath of fresh air.  But I know the NCAA doesn’t like the shroud of academic-amateurism to be lifted (it’s like lookin up their prom dress revealing that naughty ugly truth), so I’m sure somewhere in Indianapolis, NCAA officials are stewing, probably forming some committee (”Tebow-Gate!”), to pass some rule, freedom of speech be damned, hereby forbidding any collegiate athlete from stating the absolute obvious.

Randy Edsall Playing Basketball

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Head Coach Randy Edsall playing one on one against long snapper Glen Kolbrenner at Holiday Hill in Mansfield, CT.

Look at that cross over, the domination in the low post , Edsall’s jumper needs a little bit of work–but his rebounding is outstanding.

A while back I told you that Edsall was by far the fastest coach in the Big East—after that video of USF Coach Jim Leavitt running a 40 yard dash went viral.  Well I hope this video serves as proof to any of the doubters out there, in the world of head coach athleticism–Edsall reigns supreme.

Your Fat White Guy Moment Of The Week

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While fast food giants attempt to slim and trim their menus — like McDonalds’ with their fruit and yogurt parfait and Wendy’s with their Garden Sensations Salads — KFC, on the other hand, has no interest in helping us slim down. KFC has ‘doubled down’ on a new high-calorie fried chicken sandwich that is down-right ridiculous. The so-called ’sandwich’ consists of bacon, two kinds of cheeses and Colonel’s sauce between two pieces of fried chicken.

Well, congratulations America.  You’ve done it again– invented a new, amazing sandwich for me to consume.  I’m going to run out and try this thing immediately.   I don’t really care for this Fox News Anchor-woman’s tone.  Yeah, KFC went and replaced bread with fried chicken.  So what? Stroke of genius—that means more chicken per cardiac-clogging bite.  At 1228 calories, its like eating three Big Macs. This isn’t dangerous, it’s delicious.  I imagine this is how Edison felt after the light bulb….incredible and never to be topped.

Some Call It Weak, I Call It Wide Open

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WVUThe criticisms surrounding the Big East have been plenty, and the debate rages whether the eight-team football conference deserves an automatic bid to a BCS bowl.

This season is no different, especially since there is neither a clear favorite to win the conference title nor a single team in the top 25.

Here are three reasons why you should still be excited about the Big East.


UVA Eat Your Heart Out

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uva-studentYou know everyone laughed at me when I told them that the University of Virginia’s Fans were less than intimidating.  Unlike the toothless rednecks you’ll find over in Morgantown (Yes, I still have nightmares)—the Wahoos of Virginia float in a sea of Seersucker and Popped collars.  Looking up into the stands from the field is like adding animation to a J-Crew Catalog.  But, I digress.  It appears as though I’m not alone in sharing this sentiment.  This  month GQ has released their Top 25 Douchiest Schools, sitting pretty at #25?  None other that the University of Virginia.  GQ Says:

Overheard in the bleachers: “Well, at least our football players actually go to class and—hey, Dylan, this mint julep is outstanding.”

No comment on their “Douchy-ness” (word?).  But I still say their fans are more “Trust-fund” than “Beer-Fund”

Inglorious Basterds

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inglourious_basterds-poster2I had the pleasure of watching Inglourious Basterds last night.  And, well,  Wow.  This is Quentin Tarantino’s latest masterpiece, and I don’t use that word lightly.  You know, a lot of people would be pissed at the creative license he took with history on this one (wait til the end of the movie, you’ll understand) but not me.  No, I’m not even a little mad.

 Watching this movie is like watching something unfold before your eyes, maybe something you don’t fully understand but you know it’s well crafted, important, maybe even a little beyond you.  It’s like good Opera—you might not know what that fat broad is singing about, but you’d be remiss not to slow down and think about it.

This movie identifies with that little piece of our (my) psyche that brushes up against the dark and imaginative , where Nazi’s are scalped, Jews are getting even, and the very human condition is examined.  Oh, and Brad Pitt is kicking ass.  Can’t forget the ass kicking.

Superb acting, with that over-the-top Tarantino signature touch:  daytime soap meets high art.  Every stroke of the brush more brilliant than the next.    Go see this movie, trust me.  Go see it.

Waking Up Next To Chris Cooley

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Every former football player has that nightmare, that day his sister brings home some other football player, calling him “boyfriend.” I’m not saying all football players are bad, I mean I’m not such a bad guy. But we’ve all had that moment on Mondays where we sit around the locker room or lounge trading stories from the weekend. These are stories my mother would be ashamed of. Bottom line, no guy wants his sister being one of these stories.

Well, yesterday I had my own little slice of hell as my sister and her four friends from college were all in town. My sister’s friends all hail from the D.C. Area and one of them had the latest issue of the Washingtonian.

The friends talked and noted that the article was excellent, Chris seemed like a great guy and even better football player. Then one of the friend’s asked, “Robbie—don’t you know this guy.” I admitted that “Yes” I did in fact know Chris (in that stalking-kind of way).

One of the friends strolled by mid conversation, peeked over our shoulders (as we were now all huddled around said magazine) and promptly dropped a one liner for the ages:

Hummmmm I wouldn’t mind waking up next to him”

File that one under “kill-me-now moments.”

Lou Holtz: Notre Dame Will Win National Title

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In the most obvious surprising turn of events thiw sports century, a completely objective and unbiased Lou Holtz picked Notre Dame to win the National Championship.ESPN now has laws against tweeting, but somehow there’s no rule that keeps senile former football coaches off of television.  Speach impediment be damned, Lou Holtz is going to tell you what he thinks:

“If you asked me who was going to play in the National Championship Game, it would be Florida and the University of Notre Dame….they have one difficult game, and that’s Southern Cal…”

One difficult game?  One difficult game?!?  Pittsburgh, Michigan State, BC, and Purdue; None of those are difficult games? What objective human being thinks that Notre Dame is going to even go to the national title game, let alone win it?  Boo this man. Booooo.  I’ll be here on my high horse when Charlie Weiss has to address the media on November 21st after losing to UConn—and everyone else on their schedule.