Breaking Down My Career Choices: If You Can’t Laugh At Yourself Edition

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nova-fest-pizza-10It has occurred to me, on more than one occasion, that I am a career underdog, and I am fine with that.¬† Not really great at any one thing.¬† The old cliche, “Jack of all trades, master of none” probably best describes me.¬† So, its time that I took a collective look at how life has treated me, now that football is over and I relegated to a life of “legendary status”(in my own mind).

I work for

Excellent, absolutely awesome job.¬† Kudos to Mike Hall and Eric Ortiz for plucking me out of the masses of bloggers and former athletes out there.¬† However, I never got a formal headshot, so while I do have an awesome “real” job, my fat little head barely fits in the profile window (see below).



“Whats so bad about that?” you might be saying.¬† Truth is, my chubby little face doesn’t look too bad.¬† But then you see the look of real professionals.¬† Like former Stanford baseball standout, turned sports editor, turned my¬† boss, Eric Ortiz.


Dignified. Professional.

Maybe it is the fact that I provide no real service to the world, but nothing about my fat face says, you should trust this guy about what he has to say about sports.¬† Maybe his opinion on food, or cholesterol lowering drugs, but other than that, (and as a general rule of thumb) never trust a man who looks like his neck his trying to swallow his head.¬† It’s bad for business.

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