Wake Up! And Get Your Tickets To Birmingham

// December 7th, 2009 // Uncategorized

I couldn’t be more excited for UConn taking on South Carolina in the 2009 Papa John’s Bowl.  There are a number of reasons behind this.

1)  Who is more deserving of a bowl game than UConn?

2) The Judge (my dad) called me this morning and told me to ‘pack my shit, we’re going to Dixie’  (well, not those exact words)

3.  Last season, while I was still enjoying my playing days, we played at Louisville’s Papa John’s Stadium and at half time the Papa John’s daughters were there.   The  “Papa John’s Twins” as I have come to call them.  As I noted back then, and I’ll repeat now, “Better ingredients, better offspring”  Much to the lament of my girlfriend, I think there is something in tomato sauce.  Come to the game, you’ll see.

8 Responses to “Wake Up! And Get Your Tickets To Birmingham”

  1. Mike says:

    How’s the match up look with the lesser USC.. well.. maybe not this year

  2. Nicole says:

    Omg when did porn sites start advertising on your page?!?! Haha you used to take steps to protect your young readership… For shame, Robbie

  3. Robert Lunn says:

    I actually had the same question myself?

    The Judge (your Dad)

    Hey, Do you still want to go that bowl game Jan. 2nd??

  4. Robert Lunn says:

    ….make that …..”to that bowl game” but you get the idea I think.

  5. scott says:

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