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2010 Senior Bowl Players To Watch (Yes Tim Tebow Is On There)

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You should watch this year’s senior bowl for several reasons.  Not only is it a precursor to the combine and draft, but it is also infinitely more entertaining than the Pro Bowl.  Sure, its an All Star game, but these guys actually have something to prove, which makes them very dangerous people.  So here are my players to watch.

QB - Tim Tebow, Florida Gators - Tebow is probably the prospect that everyone is watching. He had an outstanding career at Florida but has a ton of questions to answer as an NFL prospect. Can he play under center? (probably  not) Can he make drop backs second nature? Can he fix his extremely long release? (that’s what she said)

WR - Danario Alexander, Missouri Tigers - Great Size (6′5, 221 lbs.) Went under the radar at Missouri. His speed is the big question mark. There are a lot of good receivers in this draft but many are small guys with blazing speed. He is a different type of WR.

RB/WR - Dexter McCluster, Ole Miss Rebels - Kid can fly. I mean not literally, but pretty close. Many people will question his size (5′8, 165 lbs.) but the NFL is built for speed, not comfort (like Dr. Quinn’s boobs)  Current examples in the NFL include DeSean Jackson, Darren Sproles, and Percy Harvin.  His stock is sky rocketing and I’m going on the record saying he’ll be a 2nd round pick.

DT - Terrence Cody, Alabama Crimson Tide - I just wrote him in because rarely do you get to watch guys close to 400 lbs play football. He weighed in at 370 lbs. An absolute monster in the middle. Cody says he will drop 20 lbs. before the combine but for how big he is, he is athletic and can move. He clogs up the middle and will allow LBs to run free through holes to make stops in the back field.

S - Taylor Mays, USC Trojans - At 6′3, 231 lbs, Taylor Mays is like a LB playing safety. He is an absolute freak athlete. He runs very well and is a student of the game. He struggles in the play action passing game and some scouts question his football instincts. He had a down year at USC and it will hurt his draft stock a little. Sometimes Mays takes bad angles to the ball. There has been talk that Mays will move to LB in the NFL.

January 29th, The Birthday Of Champions and Fat Kids

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Today is my birthday, it is also Ians @

It also happens to be Tom Selleck’s birthday, which is ironic considering this piece I did on him last year.  Anyway,I usually celebrate my birthday by dreading Winter Workouts.  But today, I woke up, ate brownies and ice cream, and did the naked dance for my girlfriend.  All was well, and then I saw this video, which makes me regret joking about how delicious brownies are for breakfast.

Why I hate The Pro Bowl….And You Should Too

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pro-bowlIf you haven’t noticed, we’ve moved all NFL Talk over to the new site:  and today, they have a post of the same name.   But here on Thoughts From a Fat White Guy I’m taking the same title, different direction.  You can find out why Jay and the crew hate the Pro Bowl by clicking here, but as for me.  Here’s why I hate the Pro Bowl.

Unlike the All Star break in MLB, where the game is a time welcomed by players to regroup and recover, and by fans that can break up the monotony of the summer stretch, the NFL’s Pro Bowl is stuck at the end of the season (or at least it was) in a time when no one really cares.  Before this year it was after the biggest night in sports, when it was about as relevant as, oh I don’t know, this blog.  Which for those of you keeping score at home, is somewhere between Division 3 women’s basketball and my entire football career.  Anyway, the players didn’t care, and neither did the fans.  All we knew was that it was in Hawaii, it helped tourism there, and there was alot of flowery shirts on the sidelines.

This year, they’ve moved the game to Florida, put it before the Super Bowl and exempted all the players that are playing in the big game.  Not to mention that 5 of the 6 QBs selected won’t be there, and we can watch the likes of David Garrard sling it.  I won’t even go on the moral tangent and how this hurts tourism in Hawaii, but, well,  it does.  Being selected to the Pro Bowl is an honor, but it better serves players in contract negotiations that it does draw fans to yet another NFL weekend.  You can’t suit up for an extra game, at the end of the season without it taxing the body.  Not to mention the rules on blitzing and all that crap, which makes the game about as much fun as watching paint dry. My vote is to make the Pro Bowl a fictional team, you know like the all decade or all century squads we see.  Its an honor to be selected, to be considered the best, and that’s the end of it, problem solved.  The issue is, that football unlike the other major sports, only plays a handful games.

Well, I’ve Been Out Done….Well Played Terrence Cody

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terrence-codyWhen I went to upload this picture, it gave me options, Small.  Medium. or “Full Sized” .  Well, Terrence Cody just weighed in at 370lbs for the Senior Bowl.  This heart attack  waiting to happen is fast approaching 4 bills.  God Bless him, and the quarter pounder he road in on.
Anyone else think he kinda looks like the black “Lost Boy” from Hook?


Holy Shit. There is a blog dedicated to this kid:

Weekend Recap: Taking The Bus Is About As Much Fun As, Well, Taking The Bus

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I was in NYC this weekend.  Celebrating my “Fake Birthday” which is like a real birthday, only a week earlier…you know, when its convenient for everyone else to celebrate your special day.   I took the Bolt Bus to New York, which is comfortable enough, and super easy.  But it got me thinking on how I’ve been living my entire life:  really underutilized the Bus-Station-Terminal metaphor.  Is there any group of people more hopeless then those who hang on at South Station.  It’s gotta be the lowest rung on the social ladder for the crazies and the homeless.

Which is why I’m now committed to telling people who have a general lack of personal hygiene/social etiquette that they belong pan handling by the Greyhounds terminal.

“Oh Hey Cecil?  Sweet unhealed wound you’ve got there! Please leave me alone and go tend to your flock at the PeterPan on Gate 12″

I won’t even mention the independent film aficionado who sat next to me on said bus trip, intent on sharing her wealth of knowledge on “non mainstream cinema” with me.  I now know more about Film Noir or whatever the hell you call it, than I ever wanted to.

Lastly, I’d like to touch on all the Jets fans that came out of hiding and were filling the streets of NYC.  Funny how that “sea of green” was no where to be found oh, I dont know, all season (and the last 25 years for that matter).  For shame, fair weather fans.  For shame.  Not a lot of college football news to touch on.  So that’s my rant.

Enjoy your day.


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Great news for all UConn Football fans. Today UConn OL Mathieu Olivier decided to come back to school for his senior season.


NFL Conference Championship Preview: Indy Survives, Sanchez Shirtless, Kenny Powers at DE

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AFC Championship Game

New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts, Sunday 3:00 pm (Spread: Indy -7.5)

As Dr. Frankenstein would say,” It’s ALIVE!” Have the Colts created a monster that can’t be stopped? That’s the feel I get when watching the Jets play the last 3 weeks. No one can stop their run game and no one can score on that stingy defense. The Colts were one of the main reasons that the Jets got into the playoffs after they laid down midway through the 3rd quarter in their week 16 game. Will it work out for the Colts or will it blow up in their face? I expect the Jets to try and put a lot of pressure on Manning. (I feel like I am talking myself into picking the Jets) Sorry Jets fans its not going to happen. One simple reason, Peyton Manning. He is just too good. Yes the Jets will take Reggie Wayne out of the game, so what? This just means expect Dallas Clark to have a big game. I also think rookie WR Austin Collie will see a lot of targets and should get into the end zone at least once. So unless the Jets just signed two bears to their starting defense, the Jets season is coming to an end. (See below)

Bottom Line: Manning will guide the Colts to victory (and barely cover). Colts 24-16. bears-attack-manning

Side note:nfl_a_manning-leaf_5801Just imagine the difference in these two franchises if the picks were flopped? Who says there’s no “I” in “Team”

NFC Championship Game

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints, Sunday 6:40(NO favored 3.5)

What a waste of time it was last week watching the Vikings and Saints lay the smack down on their respective opponents. The Cowboys and Cardinals shouldn’t have even showed up. Both looked so uninspired which is hard to believe considering it was the “elite 8″ of the NFL playoffs. Well, enough of that. This match up should be very exciting. The Saints are always fun to watch and Brett Favre is like a tractor beam, “Sucks you right in.” The Vikings defense played awesome last week and so did the Saints offense (something has to give). At times this year the Vikings have been susceptible to the big play and last week Drew Brews threw down field (15 yards or more) 9 times. The Vikings pass rush needs to put pressure on Brees and not allow the WRs to get down field. Does Favre have any magic left in the tank? I’m leaning toward the Saints at home. Greg Williams (Saints D-coordinator) called a great game last week and again will do the same.

Bottom Line: I’m going with another shootout, Saints win but Vikes cover bc Kenny Powers is playing DE for the Minnesota this weekend 31-28. jared-allen-kenny-powers

2010 East-West Shrine Game: Players to Watch

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east-west-shrine-gameThe College All-Star games are when a player’s stock has the most potential to rise or fall, as the speculation and evaluation gets harder with the 2010 NFL draft approaching. While the Senior Bowl is undoubtedly the most prestigious of the the postseason games, the East-West Shrine game is probably second — and is arguably the most important for mid-round players hoping to improve their chances.  With all 32 NFL teams in attendance, it is a week long showcase for players, so Jay and I are bringing you 5 players from each squad to watch…


1. Greg Hardy, DE - Ole Miss Rebels

Hardy is my number 1 player to watch on either team. Last year Hardy was supposed to be a 1st round draft pick but he decided to come back to school. He missed almost half of the season with a few different injuries. Well now he is healthy and can show the NFL scouts that he can play at the next level. With a great game I think Hardy locks himself into being picked no later than the 2nd round.

2. Blair White, WR - Michigan State Spartans

Former walk-on turned captain, Blair White, will have some questions to answer at the Shrine game. He had a great senior year with 70 catches for 990 yards and 9 TDs. The knock on White is that he isn’t that fast. He has great hands but will he be able to create space for himself at the next level?

3. O’Brien Schofield, DE - Wisconsin Badgers

Schofield was awesome for the Badgers this season. He had a great game vs. Miami in the Champs Sports Bowl where he recorded 2 sacks. He isn’t that big. He is extremely athletic and runs very well. Can he play DE at the next level? He may be in for a switch to a 3-4 OLB in the NFL.

1. Lindsey Witten, DE, UConn

wittenWitten set the tone for pass-rushers in the Big East this season. He is tall and incredibly athletic, with good hands and an incredibly long frame. His brother, Donte Whitner, was the Buffalo Bills’ first-round draft pick out of Ohio State, so he has genetics in his favor. There are still some questions about his size and strength translating to the NFL in run-stopping situations, which has some scouts projecting him to play outside linebacker in rush situations as a pro. The Shrine game will give him a chance to showcase his toughness and speed and to improve his draft stock to the late second round.

5. Jarrett Brown, QB - West Virginia Mountaineers

At 6′4, 220 lbs., Brown has a great frame to play QB in the NFL. He is extremely athletic and has tremendous upside. He had an okay senior year, throwing only 11 TDs to his 9 INTs. He needs to show that he has the smarts to play QB at the next level. Can he read defenses and make smart, quick decisions? With a bad game he risks going undrafted however with a good game I think a NFL team will take a shot on him in the 5th or 6th round.



1. Max Hall, QB - BYU Cougars

Hall had a very good senior year as he led the Cougars to an 11-2 record. He threw for over 3,500 yards and 33 TDs. Hall doesn’t have a great body for an NFL QB. He stands just under 6′1 and weighs 200 pounds. Listen I don’t want to hear the Drew Brees excuse. (How Brees stands only 6′0 and weighs in around 210 pounds) He is an extreme exception to the rule

2. Joe Pawelek, LB - Baylor Bears

Pawelek was a monster for Baylor. He had over 100 tackles the last two years. The big question with him is his speed. Does he have what it takes to run sideline to sideline in the NFL? He has good instincts and with a good game I can see him being drafted in the 3rd or 4th round.

3. Dennis Pitta, TE - BYU Cougars

Pitta really has a chance to climb up draft boards here. Everyone has Jermaine Gresham from Oklahoma as their top rated TE but after that the rankings are up in the air. With a good game, I can see Pitta climbing up the rankings board and securing himself as the 2nd rated TE.

4. Darrell Stuckey, S - Kansas Jayhawks

Stuckey played well for Kansas this year. He doesn’t have great size for a safety but he is very versatile and isn’t afraid to help out in the run game. With a good game, I think Stuckey can improve his draft stock and move up into the 2nd round.

5.  Chris Brown, RB - Oklahoma Sooners

Brown’s stock really dropped this year. In 2008 he had 1,220 yards and 20 TDs. In 2009 he only totaled 749 yards and 7 TDs. Now, all of that is not his fault. The Sooners lost their Heisman trophy winning QB and their offensive line was banged up all year. Brown will probably be a 6th or 7th round pick in the 2010 NFL draft but with a bad game he runs the risk of going undrafted. Brown needs to run hard and show that he can play at the next level.

NFL NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Time Line For The Buffalo Bills Head Coaching Position Discovered!

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bills-fanEvery year, come playoff time, Jay and I call in to question why we root for the Upstate Underdogs, that is, the Buffalo Bills in “your” language.   Then they announce Chan Gailey as their head coach and I almost want to quit life immediately, a had to stop Jay from reaching for his hunting rifle.  That was until some investigative blogging (riiight)  revealed this document from the Buffalo Bills front office.  In it, we have transcripts and a time line which lead us to our current coaching climate in Buffalo:  Frosty, wibill-cowhlerth a chance of firing.  Enjoy…

Bills: Hey Bill Cowher, want to be our head coach?

Bill Cowher: NO!  (Don’t worry Bill I made the same face when I heard they asked you, how dare they?)

Bills: Hey Mike Shanahan, will you interview for the job?


Bills: Jim Harbaugh, want the job?

Jim H.: NO!

Leslie Frazier, please interview for the job?


Bills:Brian Schottenheimer, please intervi…

BS: (interrupts) NO!

Bills: Well….does you dad Marty want the job?


So give the Bills a break. What would you have done if you had to hire a coach and this is how you spent your last few weeks. Good luck Chan, I’ll give you max 3 years, 2 in Buffalo and the last in LA.


Things could be worse….

Monday Morning QB: Jay’s Recapping NFL Playoff Picks

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Jay here.  Hi.  Well, week 2 of the playoffs was  pretty kind to me.  Kinder than last week, where I had even my own mother questioning my intelligence.  So What did I do? I locked myself in a cold dark room, poured over hours of game day and, BOOM, this week: NFL Playoff Gold. 3-1, killed the spread.  Payin’ this months rent, and as an added bonus this post has not one, not two, but THREE Kim Kardashian pictures.

Here ya go…


Prediction: Saints 34 - Cards 31. Outcome: Saints 45 - Cards 14


Manning and Brees were at the top of their games on Saturday.


It was great to see Reggie Bush of USC resurface for a few electrifying plays. I loved how after his

punt return for a TD they flash to Kim Kardashian and her mom hugging, like they really have any clue what is going on (they don’t).

Prediction: Colts 27 - Ravens 17. Outcome: Colts 20 - Ravens 3

Not sure there was ever any doubt here.  Manning being Manning.  The most surprising thing to come out of this game was that Ed Reed and not Ray Lewis is looking at retirement.  I love Ray Ray and his murderin’ linebacker ways, but his time might be up.


Prediction: Vikings 31 - Dallas 24. Outcome: Vikings 34 - Dallas 3

Prediction: Chargers 27 - Jets 16. Outcome: Jets 17 - Chargers 14

After watching Brett Favre sling it all over the field on the Cowboys and improve my picks to 3-0, the Chargers go out there and let me down and mess up my chance for a perfect weekend. By the way, WTF is up with kickers this postseason?!?! Nate Kaeding only missed 3 FGs all year and he misses three in this game? Thanks Nate you really let your team down.  More importantly, Nate,  yout let me down.

**Another side note, they must have told the story about how Mark Sanchez was at the playoff game last year when the Colts played the Chargers like 5 times. The announcers kept saying that he sat 6 rows from the top. This is probably part of his Mark Sanchez-every-man campaign. Really Mark? Your better than that. Rose Bowl MVP and future 1st round draft pick sitting in the Helen Keller seats?  A QB sitting where he can’t even see the game?  Hmm…