Well, I’ve Been Out Done….Well Played Terrence Cody

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terrence-codyWhen I went to upload this picture, it gave me options, Small.  Medium. or “Full Sized” .  Well, Terrence Cody just weighed in at 370lbs for the Senior Bowl.  This heart attack  waiting to happen is fast approaching 4 bills.  God Bless him, and the quarter pounder he road in on.
Anyone else think he kinda looks like the black “Lost Boy” from Hook?


Holy Shit. There is a blog dedicated to this kid:  www.TheFatKidFromHook.blogspot.com

8 Responses to “Well, I’ve Been Out Done….Well Played Terrence Cody”

  1. Bee says:

    Fat Boyz, Fat Boyz. Whatcha
    gunnah do when dey come fo you?

    We eat together. We play together.
    Dat’s how we roll, Fat Boyz For Life.

  2. [...] Tide – I just wrote him in because rarely do you get to watch guys close to 400 lbs play football. He weighed in at 370 lbs. An absolute monster in the middle. Cody says he will drop 20 lbs. before the combine but for how [...]

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