The Girlfriend to FWG: “You Suck At Left Overs”

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The site is called Thoughts From a Fat White Guy for¬† reason.¬† The reason being, I’m fat.¬† So imagine my surprise when my roommate (ehem, girlfriend) was all fired up that I ate the last serving of lasagna in our fridge.¬† I mean, here I was thinking this was an unwritten rule, a common law understanding.¬† Like, you leave the house and go to your “real job” and I get to stay home and blog, and thus have free reign on the refrigerator.¬† The home office pretty much makes this place my kingdom.¬† Like Robin Hood, you can’t kill deer in the King’s forest.¬† Well in this case my forest is a GE Stackable, and the deer?¬† Her mom’s excellent lasagna.¬† So when I got an email saying “you suck at left-0vers” I nearly choked on my piping hot serving of lasagna.¬† I suck at em? on the contrary, I kick ass at them.¬† I’m like the Ali of leftovers. I might have been mediocre at college football, but mid day meals…. The fuckin’ greatest.

Expect WWIII when she’s home (via G-Chat):

me: im blogging about the lasagna dispute
Alexandra: u suck

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