This Week In Insinuation and Juxtaposition….

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With several Oregon Ducks getting dismissed┬á over the weekend for what I’ll call a “lapse in judgement” and then the debacle of their 2009 season opener against Boise State. I’m starting to think I should take my orange and teal starter jacket out of retirement.┬á It’s like the glory days of the U, we are just a few failed drug tests and gang shootings away from Eugene becoming the new Miami.

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  1. Uncle Ed says:

    O.K., Big Guy (if you’ve received a hug from this guy, you know!). The Duck’s deserve the hit. No question. But when put in perspective, are they any more deserving than, oh, say, Florida, or Tennessee, or Penn State, et. al? And wait, the Duck’s aren’t done yet. Heard of Jeremiah Masoli? Heisman?? Hmmm. I do think the culture of entitlement of big time athletes needs its comeuppance, maybe needs a bit of tweaking, don’t you think? Kelly’s right to wait. And I’m all for second chances. Love you, “Fat” (all muscle, believe me) White Guy. Uncle Ed

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