Wake Up! With My Girlfriend Flexing Her Way Into Mid Week

// May 11th, 2010 // Uncategorized

flex-it-bitchI wake up every morning and it is at least a pot of coffee before I’m functional.  Think of Jeremy Piven’s breakthrough roll in PCU Anyway, me and the roommate here, yes I live with my girlfriend, are like yin and yang.  She’s super chipper in the morning, leaves for every work telling me to “blog with a smile, hunny.” So there I was this morning, extra groggy and out of coffee, she decided this would be the best way to wake me up.  Wrong, Wrong.

5 Responses to “Wake Up! With My Girlfriend Flexing Her Way Into Mid Week”

  1. MG21 says:

    Feed that girl something.. haha

  2. fatpickle says:

    We the people ask that when posting pictures of your girlfriend that they are more clear. please and thank you.

  3. scott says:

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  4. corey says:

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  5. frank says:

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