Your Fat White Guy Moment Of The Week: The White Castle Candle

// May 11th, 2010 // Uncategorized

[YAHOO] – For cravers who have found themselves relaxing at home wishing their room could be filled with the steam-grilled-on-a-bed-of-onions scent of beef, White Castle has answered the call.

To celebrate its 18th annual National Hamburger Month, the 89-year-old fast-food chain is offering up a candle that smells like a slider.

I think you already know how I feel about this.  Best.  Idea. Ever…..ever.  I can think of about 5 other candle scents I’d like to see, now that I know this is possible:  Puppy Paws (smell like corn chips), Burrito, Big Mac, New Shoes, and Turkey Dinner (smells like shouts of seldom seen relatives).  This is how America does it, not only do we want to eat a Crave Case, but we want our houses (or trailers, I’m betting) to smell like those delicious little onion topped morsels too.  I’m not sure I’ve ever been prouder of this country.

4 Responses to “Your Fat White Guy Moment Of The Week: The White Castle Candle”

  1. Miran says:

    These are what I like to call: MANDLES. Candles for a REAL man. Who doesn’t love the smell of bacon cooking in the kitchen? The smell of oil in the garage? The smell of fish after a one night rendezvous with a fair lady?

    The possibilities are endless.

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