Password Night Tonight At Ted’s Bar @ UConn: $3 Wing Buckets/Drinks THEN Nickel Night

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I find myself back in Connecticut more and more now that this gig with ESPN is up and running.  Coincidentally, I also find myself taking frequent hydration breaks off 84, up route 195, right on North Eagleville Road and at Ted’s Bar.  Tonight they are running a special FWG promotion (shit that fat kids, and broke chicks can really wrap their minds around): 6pm-8pm is $3 drinks and wing buckets. Follow this up by 8-10 nickel night (drinks/beers a nickel…no, seriously).  As always, first 10 people with the password get free cover/drinks.  And since we’re running this promo on a Thursday instead of our typical Wednesday we’re making the password: SMUSH.

Say the password.  Get free drinks and cover at the best bar at UConn.

6-8 is $3drinks $3 pitchers and wing buckets, and 8-10 is nickel night and live music.

Final Thought:

Do you think masturbation is frowned upon at the bottom of a Chilean mine shaft?

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