Wake Up! Monday Morning Quick Hits with The Rook

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Victoria’s Secret NFL Team Gear by Pink - Totally missed that memo.  How did I not know about the new line up?  I like just got my AngelCard@$!@$%    Screw that ‘espnW for Women’ crap - this is how you target the ladies.  Where’s my silk Tebow teddie??  Kidding.  Sort of… [VS Pink - NFL].

Packers top Vikings (28-24) - When retirement is knocking at my door, I’m welcoming it with open arms.  None of this “watch my legacy/empire blow up in my face from naughty nude pics and a washed up season” nonsense.  Now go to FWG NFL for actual updates and that fantasy crap [SI.com]

Buttocks Slappers Afoot (well, not really afoot…actually a-bike) -  Ball State has a serious slapping problem.  Is this how middle-America gets their assault on?  It’s way back from April, but it gets me every time [WISH TV8].

As Seen On TV - aka a collection of everything your future wife will probably ever get you for birthdays/anniversaries/etc and then hate that it takes up so much space in the garage.  And face it ladies…we will buy it because he’s ’so tough to buy for’ [As Seen On TV Guys].  When in doubt, Victoria’s Secret NFL boy shorts…a gift for him that’s really a gift for you.

And to really get you going…EMO GHOST STORY.  Get ready for nap time and your bubble bath.

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