Hal: Finish the Jeter Deal

// November 23rd, 2010 // Uncategorized

Jeter is talking contracts...with this guy, Hal Steinbrenner. Cheers in advance to the deal getting done swiftly.

Jeter is talking contracts...with this guy, Hal Steinbrenner. Cheers in advance to the deal getting done swiftly.

So I’ve been thinking about the Yankees a little bit here. Relax, I know it’s football season - and college basketball is starting to heat up. So just bare with me for a second. But, what in the world are the Yankees thinking delaying the deal with Derek Jeter. I mean, honestly. The dude is the 2010 Babe Ruth for crying out loud. His batting average dropped…significantly. Relax Sox fans, you know what I mean. His on base percentage dropped, significantly. But, it’s still Derek Jeter. I don’t know - call me crazy. He is a franchise player - he’ll finish with the Yankees. But, figure it out already. If this continues to linger over the offseason - it could end up being a rough way to begin the Hal Steinbrenner era. Even Jeter’s agent has called it “baffling.” Get it done, without conflict.

Speaking of conflict - I sat at home last night and watched the Giants get squeezed by the Eagles. What was Manning thinking? Anyway, my mom comes up to me during the game - tells me to switch the load of laundry and to start folding the clothes in the dryer. Not a difficult task - but I have no interest. So, I don’t do it. I wake up the next morning and sure enough I need the damn jeans that are wet in the washer. Not enough time to dry them - done deal.

Eagles Giants Football

Rule #1 Listen to your mother
Rule #2 Use LifeWithoutLaundry

The damn laundry would have been done and I wouldn’t of had to wear the jeans I had worn over the weekend - yeah - the ones that had beer all over them. I’ll explain that another day. Check it out though - Life Without Laundry.


Ahh, wouldn’t that be nice? No interruptions during the game… and no conflicts in the morning. PERFECT! The promo code FWGRULES gets you 10% off. Please, thank us later.

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