Who Is Trick Shot King? UConn vs Monmouth: Who Ya Got?

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As the he chart above sadly clearly illustrates, this “quarterback” from ¬†Monmouth is managing to beat UConn’s Johnny Mac. ¬† You FWG-lifers (otherwise known as the unemployed) are probably expecting me launch into some diatribe about how New Jersey is the armpit of America and how tattoo inspired T-shirts were born there. ¬†Well, I’m not. ¬†And not just because this in Monmouth College (of the Illinois persuasion)

Because I know, deep down that UConn, especially UConn football has the edge over Monmouth every day of the week, and twice on Saturdays. ¬†Not simply because UConn is real football, but because we got there first. ¬†We’re innovators. ¬†We act, you react.

Allow me to explain; ¬†You know how, say, you’d had a really successful career in business and as a family man. ¬†Pulling in 10 to 15 mil annually, married to the beautiful wife you’ve always dreamed of who is an excellent mother and an absolute panther in the sack? ¬†But, because mommy went slumming with a football player back in college, some bum making 30K a year now has the one thing you can’t buy: Got-there-first-bragging-right.

Well, the year was 2008—Spring Break to be exact–when UConn football players met a group of Monmouth (Jersey) students enjoying the Mexico sun pool side. ¬†Flexing our lineman bodies would surely do the trick (it didn’t) and we pursued with personality (it did). ¬†I’ll leave the details of this encounter to the imagination. ¬†I’m sure you’re saying, “a one time lapse in judgment by ¬†5 or 6 coeds doesn’t condemn an entire learning¬†institution…” ¬†And that’s where you’d be right, good reader. ¬†The sun was hot, the drinks were good, and the women were both. ¬†But, not an isolated incident as these Monmouth grads were spotted on UConn’s campus several times over the coming months exiting athletic housing in the wee morning hours.

So while I give Monmouth (Illinois) credit for trying to out do us, as with this video and any population of certified babes:  Getting there first is everything.

Vote Johnny!

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