Tweeting the Blues

// March 21st, 2011 // Uncategorized

For all those suffering from a busted bracket, I offer you these Tweets of wisdom.


FSU/ND - Game ended just in time to attend the grand opening of the Big East’s new restaurant, Overrated.


Illini/KU – After falling to NIowa last year, KU can’t be thrilled about a road to the final 4 paved with underdogs.


Marquette/Cuse – It’s my fault Cuse. I know better than to trust you but come tournament time…I just can’t quit you.


VCU/Purdue – Matt Painter couldn’t draw up a way to stop the kid that Samuel Jackson kicked off the team in Coach Carter..Really??


Arizona/Texas – Out of work Charlie Sheen should team up with Rick Barnes for a new show called Winning and Losing.


Ohio State/George Mason – Larranaga’s inspirational pregame speech wasn’t as effective as Sullinger’s in game version “It’s over, yo.”


UW/UNC – Would have loved to see UW get the 1.5 they deserved to try and tie it up. Especially since UNC’s D is easier than a Kardashian.


Duke/Michigan – @Duke in 2010 Butler came w/in an inch, now Michigan…what’s next? We find out Singler is dating Adriana Lima?

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