Caps Fan Encourages Violence to French Canadiens

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There is not a Capital fan (well over the age of 5) alive who feels comfortable with a 2 game lead. Five times the Capitals have had 2-0 playoffs series leads and LOST 4 of them. The New York media has done a pretty good job making sure every swinging Richard knows that stat. Bad news for the Rangers though cause last time I checked Sidney Crosby played for Pittsburgh.  That’s a story for a different day.

The Rangers do have some talent. Sean Avery and Brandon Prust are pretty talented players. They are experts at cross checks after the whistle, glove rakes across the face and generally being little filth merchants. Ok, I know you’re all saying. “What about Dale Hunter? You Cap fans love Dale Hunter and he invented the role of playoff pain in the ass.” His cheap shot on Pierre Turgeon makes Avery and Prust look pious. To that I say, dirty hits on French Canadians don’t count.

See.  Wasn’t that fun?  On to Game 3. The Rangers wanted it more today. Busted their ass all over the ice and got the result. Brandon Dubinsky gets a shit game winning goal and to make it worse he is rocking the Ron Jeremy porn stash to maximize his doucheness.

michalneuvirthbuffalosabresvwashingtonjcr-7tnskcnlQuestion, does Michal Neuvirth know its ok to leave the goal? Does he think if he plays the puck the ICE unit is going to deport his ass back to the Czech Republic? After 2 solid games in Washington Neuvirth looked a bit shaky today. The Capitals could have thrown a dagger into the heart of the Rangers with a game 3 win, taken all the momentum and put the club on mega tilt.

But no; terrible penalty after penalty haunted them today. The Ranger’s power play is pretty good and when you give them 1 and TWO man advantages its going to catch up to you. Now game 4 is a must win for Washington, the Caps can not give the Rangers hope of a 7 game series. Tonight the Caps need to shoot, shoot and then shoot again on Lundqvist, might help to run him a couple times as well. Maybe get him rattled a bit, and for God’s sake move Boyle out of the crease. I understand the guy is a human mountain but get his ass out of there.

I thought the no-goal just before the end of the second period was a gift. Looked good to me but I guess the brain trust in Toronto saw it differently. Figured that would take the steam out of them but the Rangers played well in the third. I would say the physical advantage went to New York in this game and most of the time that leads to good results. The Caps need to start getting the puck deep, and then fore check the shit out of the New York defense. The Capitals defense on the other hand, well if Jeff Shultz plays professional hockey there is hope for us all. This guy sucks, your 6ft 6″, weight 250lbs and you play like a little school girl. Bad enough we have Nancy Green out there but two Marys on the defensive lines is too much. Dennis Wideman (if you can hear me) get back soon.

Ok enough bitching, it’s just one game in a 7 game series right? Things could be worse. We could be the Bruins….OOOoooo the humanity.

—-Sean The Caps Fan

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