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Excessive Cruelty

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The following video is from a High School football game in Ohio.  Two players celebrate a go ahead touchdown, and are subsequently penalized for it.

I would suggest turning the volume down as this is shot by someone in the crowd, and there is lots of screaming.

The penalty pushed the team back, where they failed a two point conversion, and gave their opponent excellent field position, which they used to kick the game winning field goal.

Seems like a severe penalty for simply pointing to the sky doesn’t it?

Well it wasn’t just two players honoring God, or trying to call attention to themselves.  One of their teammates, a 16 year old young man known as Dom, had died a week earlier in a car crash.  The kid who catches the touchdown, Alex Schooley, had been a pallbearer at Dom’s funeral, and the gesture was meant as a tribute to their fallen friend. The flag was later backed up because it could have been deemed offensive to the other players.

First, there is no way that the referees in a high school football game, in Ohio, would be unaware of a tragedy like a 16 year old boy losing his life.  Especially if he played for one of the team’s participating in a game they were scheduled to work.  So shouldn’t restraint have been the better part of valor in this situation?

Aside from that, the players were not demonstrative, or even antagonistic towards the other team, and the only way it could be construed as offensive was if the other team happened to be in the sky.  I don’t believe they were.

A couple of young men, who had just endured the hardest week of their young lives, should not have to worry about how they choose to honor a friend because we have become obsessed with enforcing ticky tack rules that rape sports of any raw emotion.

The field should be one place where they can escape the unfathomable cruelty that life is capable of.

Let them be kids.  Let them play.


Signs of The Apocalypse

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Over 2 million more people have watched this…

Than this…


Phuck You Philly: Part 4

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64347643I want to hate on Michael Vick for making $100 million, less than two years after being in a federal prison for torturing and killing dogs. I want to hate him. I really, really do.

But you know what?

I can’t.

The guy screwed up, and he did so in a way that most of us find inhumane and despicable, but he paid for it. Upon his release I thought he would be a serviceable backup, destined to play out his career in the shadows of guys like Brady, Manning, and Brees. An insurance policy. A cautionary tale.

I doubted Vick’s ability so much that I traded him away last year in fantasy. Ok, it was for Tom Brady and if I had it to do over again, even knowing that it cost me a chance at the title, I would probably talk myself into it again. Yup I’m a bit of a homer, sue me.

But after last year, I won’t doubt Michael Vick’s talent again anytime soon. I also will admit that he has earned back my respect. Something that, as a dog lover, I thought would be impossible.

If we all were burned at the stake for one misstep, one lapse in judgment, how many of us would have survived high school? Or college?

Michael Vick was supposed to be a role model and as such, he was held to a higher standard. However, a true role model should be looked up to for how they handle adversity just as much as for how they excel on the field. While his adversity was self made, he overcame it, paid his debt to society, and returned to the game that most of us thought had left him behind, stronger than ever.

Phuck you Philly. Phuck you for having a guy who is hard to hate, despite the fact that he killed dogs and is going to make a $100 million.



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First, watch this.

Now as a UCONN fan,  it’s next to impossible to not get some seriously hard basketball wood knowing that this guy will be running up and down the court at Gampel in 2011.

But is it wrong?

Before I get into answering that complicated question, this reminds me of the 2004 Red Sox.  Years after they won that miraculous World Series, many people still ask if it is tainted by the knowledge that a handful of our players might have been on steroids.

The answer is no.  I had no idea who was or wasn’t taking steroids back then, and the Red Sox beat teams who had just as many guys who had taken, or were at least linked to, PEDs.

The fact of the matter is the Sox came back from 3-0 down to beat a great Yankee team.  There isn’t enough juice in the world’s needles to single handedly make that happen.  So while it feels slightly wrong that there may have been guys circumventing the rules on that team, I had no idea while watching it.  And no amount of disparaging information about any member of that team will erase the sheer joy I felt watching that final out being made seven years ago.

Here’s the difference with Andre Drummond coming to Storrs though.  Everyone knows, before a single shot has been taken, what it took to bring him in.  Someone, probably the hardest working guy on the team, because the 12th guy, the one with the least talent, is usually the gym rat, will have to give up a scholarship that he spent his entire life earning.

Suppose it was your brother, or a close friend, that will be the one giving up his free ride.  How would you feel about every game that the Huskies won because of Drummond?

At what point is the cost of another championship too high?

I want to hear your thoughts.  Leave a comment, or email me at


Weekend Recap: Dear Mr. Fantasy Edition

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I spent a good deal of time discussing which position players to draft, and which to avoid like the clap, last week. After completing my fantasy draft on Sunday, I’m rolling out a Dear Mr. Fantasy edition of the Weekend Recap.

I would talk about Hurricane Irene, but she strutted and fretted her hour about the stage, and was heard from no more. She was a tale told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.


darren_mcfadden-230Here is how I drafted on Sunday with the 9th pick:

1 – Darren McFadden. This pick was half out of loyalty after McFadden carried my team last year, and half out of knowing the Raiders will run the ball six hundred times a game because they have no QB.

2 – Phillip Rivers. In my opinion he was the third best QB, from a Fantasy perspective, behind Aaron Rodgers and Mike Vick. If he was available when I picked in the second round I had decided I would take him.

3 – Miles Austin. I expect a big rebound year for Tony Romo and the Cowboys offense, so taking their best WR, who was still available when I selected 29th, was a no brainer.

4 – Mike Williams. Best WR on his team and with a league that starts two WR, a RB and a Flex, picking up another top receiver here was a must.

5 – Felix Jones. Due for a breakout season, much like McFadden had last year, after the Cowboys got rid of Marion Barber.

6 – Chad Ochocinco. Combination of Patriot homerism, and him being one of the best WRs still available with the 52nd pick.

7 – Baltimore D. This was the round that defenses started to go, and with some great position players I grabbed the best one on the board.

8 – Tim Hightower. Knowing he would fall made it possible to grab WR’s with the 3rd, 4th, and 6th picks. He will be a top ten fantasy back with Shanahan revitalizing the Redskins ground game.


9 – Neil Rackers. Not much to say. He’s a kicker.

10 – Josh Freeman. A bit high for a backup QB but Freeman has the ability to score points, and could pay dividends in the playoffs if the Chargers have locked up a high seed.

11 – Lance Moore. He is the most reliable WR on a team with the most accurate QB in football. Too good to pass up here.

12 – AJ Green. With lots of talent at WR, I took a flyer on Green. He is loaded with talent, and who knows, maybe Andy Dalton will be able to get him the ball by the time the playoffs come around. Fantasy, not real life. This is the Bengals after all.

13 – Brandon Pettigrew. Had planned on taken him, or Lance Kendricks, later on so I wouldn’t have to waste a top pick on a TE. Happy that Pettigrew fell this far.

00da96_ltpwoodhead112514 – Brandon Jacobs. No emotional attachment to this pick, so either he performs, or I’m trading him for Danny Woodhead.

15 – Jamie Harper. As I said last week, I don’t trust Chris Johnson to care all season. Taking a talented rookie who could see a lot of time once Johnson goes Roberto Duran was worth the risk this late.

16 – Emmanuel Sanders. Played well at the end of the year last year and should benefit from the improved Steelers passing game in 2011.

There you have it. All in all I couldn’t be happier with my team. I had wanted LaGarrette Blount, and Vincent Jackson to pair with Rivers, but in both cases I was beaten to the punch. The players I took instead, Mike Williams and Felix Jones, were both high up on my draft board so it could end up being a blessing in disguise.

Hopefully, if nothing else, this helps you see how an actual draft shook out, and if you haven’t drafted yet, you can get idea of where you have to take players if you really want them.

Once the season starts, I will be featuring a fantasy column every week. It will discuss who I’m starting, who I’m sitting, and a few suggestions on players that aren’t on my team.

Feel free to write in telling me how insightful you find my suggestions, or how idiotic you think I am.  Both are encouraged and appreciated.


Dear Mr Fantasy….Play A WR?

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With lots of Fantasy drafts happening this weekend, I’m rolling out the third installment in the Dear Mr. Fantasy series. For those of you who have been distracted by the earthquakes, impending hurricanes, or the fact that someone actually married the girl Ray J made a sex tape with, here are the QB and RB editions.

You know it’s gonna get stranger, so let’s get on with the show.

andre-johnso081711The Top Ten

1 – Andre Johnson. There is only one reason that I have Johnson ahead of Larry Fitzgerald. Matt Schaub is throwing the ball to Johnson. Schaub is an established NFL QB, has a handful of other weapons at his disposal, and knows the importance of getting the ball into Johnson’s giant hands. The Texans offense will also make it slightly harder for defenses to double Johnson on every play. I like my WRs with a little Steve Smith in em, and Johnson showed that he had that when he battered Cortland Finnegan.

Where to draft: The top 6.

2 – Larry Fitzgerald. I may take Johnson first, but there’s no other guy in the league I would rather see catching passes for my team more than Fitzgerald. Remember when the Eagles drafted Kolb, saying that he was too good to pass up? Well if that was true, and not just a way to cover up the fact that Donovan McNabb had become bad and they wanted to protect his trade value by claiming that the only reason they drafted a QB was because he was THAT good, than Larry Fitzgerald could catch 250 passes this year. I mean, the guy caught 90 with Derek Anderson, John Skelton, and Max Hall throwing the passes.

Where to draft: Late first to early second. In smaller leagues you can probably grab him in the second.

3 – Calvin Johnson. Writing this has made me realize that there may be the greatest collection of athletic ability at WR since, well, ever. The NFL getting bigger, stronger, and faster has produced a whole horde of WRs that Rick James would have loved.

Where to draft: Comes down to one questione really; Can Stafford get busy playing football, or get busy rehabbing his shoulder again? If you think he’s going to stay healthy (I do) then Johnson is worth a late first, or early second round pick. If not, well then you’re a dick for sending bad mojo out into the universe.

4 – Roddy White. White had a 115 catches last year. He is his QBs favorite target, and now, with Julio Jones, you won’t be able to double team him. In some cases I would say that another marquee receiver would hurt production, but after watching the Rice/Young kind of chemistry that White and Matt Ryan have, I think it will increase his yards, and touchdowns, to have a legitimate number two.

vincent_jackson_san_diego_chargers-680Where to draft: Mid second round.

5 – Vincent Jackson. Phillip Rivers loves to chuck the ball down field, and Jackson is the ideal big play receiver. He is big, fast, and strong. He only got a one year deal, so I expect him to be motivated as well. The Chargers will air it out every Sunday and Jackson should reap the benefits. If Gates comes back 100%, Jackson could produce huge numbers seeing single coverage on a regular basis.

Where to draft: I think that Jackson is undervalued, and will probably be available in the third, and maybe even fourth rounds. He will be worth a second or early third round selection by the end of the year.

6 – Hakeem Nicks. If he was on another team, I would have Nicks above Roddy White. The guy is that good. But with the Giants losing Kevin Boss and Steve Smith, he is going to see a lot more attention. Nonetheless, he gets into the end zone as well as any WR in football, despite relying on Eli Manning to do it.

Where to draft: Middle of the third to early fourth round. If you can get a top QB in the third, that would be a better choice.

7 – Greg Jennings. Being the best WR on the team with the best QB in football has to mean something right? I would jump into a fox hole with Tom Brady any day of the week, but right now, in terms of ability to play the position, I think Rodgers is the best pure QB. Jennings benefits from a deep offense that will help keep defenses from keying on him all the time, and there is at least one play a game where he makes a ridiculous sixty yard play.

Where to draft: Same as Nicks, middle of the third round is a good spot to target Jennings if you have addressed QB, or plan to do so later.

8 – Miles Austin. I’m cutting Austin some slack for his lackluster 2010. He had John Kitna throwing him the ball. That’s like Ron Jeremy trying to teach you Catholicism. He is a talented WR on a talented offense that should thrive with Romo back healthy. Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth now.

Where to draft: Mid fourth.

9 – DeSean Jackson. The guy is the best big play WR in football. He might not prove to be durable, and he might not ever catch a 100 passes, but I don’t see any chance you’ll regret having him on your team.

Where to draft: Late fourth or early fifth.

10 – Mike Williams. Josh Freeman might not throw the ball as much as Rodgers, Brady, or Rivers, but he is an accurate, efficient QB who knows how to win. Surely he is smart enough to see that getting the ball to a motivated Mike Williams, who is determined to stay out of the NFL’s scrap heap, is his best option.

Where to draft: Late fourth or early fifth.

Packers Steelers FootballThis Dude Does Not Abide

Mike Wallace. He may be one of the fastest guys in the NFL, but I don’t see how he can be valued as the sixth or seventh best receiver. Wallace is a complimentary part, not a number one WR. Much like Peyton Manning and Chris Johnson, I will be avoiding him and allowing someone else to waste a high pick.

Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right

Dez Bryant. Playmaker 2.0 may be a walking Jerry Springer episode, but the guy can flat out play. Something tells me he is in for a breakout season, and then a reality TV show.

Steady As She Goes

Wes Welker, Brandon Lloyd, Reggie Wayne (even if Manning missed extended time, Wayne will get his), Dwayne Bowe.

Broadway Shmo’s Bitch

Santonio Holmes. Holmes is one of the more talented WRs in the league, and he is his quarterback’s go to guy. On the field people, stay focused. It is never a bad move to have a WR on your team who can make circus catches, especially when you have a QB who wears white pants.

Bucket List Boys

Anquan Bolden and Chad Ochocinco will be productive for Super Bowl contenders, and then they will die.

chicagobearsvsanfrancisco49erslc2-xfn4p_5lIf I Only Had A QB

Michael Crabtree, AJ Green, Sidney Rice (although he did it to himself….)

Eh, You Could Do A Lot Worse

Julio Jones, Malcolm Floyd, Pierre Garcon, Percy Harvin, Jeremy Maclin, Plaxico Burress, Lance Moore, Santana Moss, Hines Ward, Mike Thomas, Danny Amendola, Lee Evans, Jericho Cotchery, Greg Little, Arrelious Benn, Steve Breaston, James Jones.

Lindsey Lohan’s

First let me say that I’m starting a movement to have Lindsey Lohan, mean that something looks good from a far, but then when you get close enough, you’re scared to touch it. Inevitably you do, and you always regret it. Like shrimp pad thai. Thoughts?

Stevie Williams (I’m not drafting a guy who taunts God through Twitter, unless his name is Arian Foster), Roy Williams, Kenny Britt, Austin Collie, but to be fair, it is solely because I would be afraid he would become concussed and die on my rug, Brandon Marshall.

A Lot Worse

Davone Bess, Deion Branch, Mike Sims-Walker, Steve Smith (the crazy version), Braylon Edwards, Jordy Nelson, Jerome Simpson, Terrell Owens, Devin Hester, Josh Cribbs (New kickoff rule will make him pretty much worthless), Johnny Knox.

Tomorrow I will be doing some Tight Ends.


Dear Mr Fantasy….Play A RB?

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I apologize for the delay in posting this. The tremors from the earthquake yesterday wreaked havoc on my ability to not procrastinate.

If you missed the fantasy rankings for Quarterbacks, you can check it out HERE.

Without further ado, or banter, I present the 2011 Fantasy Rankings for Running Backs.

arian-fosterThe Top Ten

1 – Arian Foster. Even if you ignore his breakout season last year, Foster plays in a division with three teams that aren’t exactly defensive powerhouses. That means six games against weaker defensive fronts. Combine the fact that he plays on one of the most explosive offenses in football with the improvement the Texans D should show in Wade Phillips 3-4 scheme, and he is going to go first or second in most leagues.

Where to draft: First or second, ya dummy. Weren’t you listening?

2 – Adrian Peterson. Not many backs are as durable as Peterson has been over the last few years. He may run his mouth a bit too much about slavery and other taboo topics, but the guy is a beast. The Vikings know that he is the key to any chance they have at making a playoff run so he will get plenty of opportunities to score points. Unlike other backs, Peterson doesn’t have a short yardage counterpart who steals his red zone carries.

Where to draft: If you have the first or second pick, you can’t go wrong with Peterson or Foster.

3 – Ray Rice. This guy really let me down last year. So much so that I had given up on him come playoff time, and he burned me again by putting up a million points. Had I started him, I would have been in the championship. Rice is too explosive, and plays behind too good of an offensive line, to have two off years in a row. His ability to catch the ball out of the backfield makes him especially valuable.

Where to draft: I would have a hard time passing up Rice at the third or fourth pick. He won’t fall any lower than fifth in most leagues.

th_jamaal_charles4 – Jamal Charles. The Chiefs offense should be more dynamic this year, which means more room for one of the most explosive guys in the NFL. Head coach Todd Haley seems to know the appropriate amount to use Charles and his slight build, so I’m not particularly worried about him wearing down. Like Rice he catches the ball extremely well, forty five catches last season, and will be the primary RB all year this year. He may not score a ton of touchdowns, but he puts up a ton of yards and puts up solid points on a regular basis.

Where to draft: Somewhere between five and eight.

5 – Darren McFadden. McFadden had a huge year last year and with QB concerns on the Raiders he will see plenty of action this year. I would have bumped him down a few spots if Oakland hadn’t resigned Michael Bush. But they did, and he is the big punishing back that can be used in short yardage, and will keep McFadden fresh. I have him higher than a guy like Rashard Mendenhall because he can score in the passing game, as well as on the ground.

Where to draft: I’m pretty high on McFadden, who finally realized some of the potential we all saw when he was at Arkansas, and would take him in the first round. Especially with the last pick in the first and the first pick in the second.

6 – Rashard Mendenhall. Might see a slight drop in carries with the improved Steelers passing game, but he is one of the best red zone backs in the league. Like Peterson, he has the build to carry the load and is still explosive enough to break the occasional big run. Wouldn’t be surprised if he responds positively to some of the criticism he heard in the off season and goes on a tear.

Where to draft: Similar to McFadden, I would take Mendenhall in the late first round or early second. He won’t make it much past the first few picks in the second.

7 – Michael Turner. The Falcons should have one of the most dangerous offenses in 2011, so Turner will benefit from the attention that his teammates get. If he stays healthy he has the ability to be one of the top fantasy backs in 2011. That is a big if, as he has been injury prone ever since becoming the featured back in Atlanta.

Where to draft: The first three picks in the second round is the right range for Turner.

shonn-greene-2010-1-9-18-40-438 – Shonn Greene. I know, I know. The guy was ranked high last year and had most owners dropping him by week eight, but that was last year. He is a talented back, and he has the benefit of a great offensive line and a great defense. This should be a bounce back year for Greene.

Where to draft: Most people will be undervaluing Greene and you may be able to steal him in the third round, where he would be a tremendous value.

9 – LeSean McCoy. All the attention being paid to the Eagles WRs will make McCoy extremely valuable. He might not be the traditional every down back, but he puts up yards, and he gets in the end zone. When you have an offense as good as Philly’s should be, everyone benefits.

Where to draft: A solid pick in the late second round. Could also wait and try to grab him in the third when everyone’s focus switches to QBs.

10 – Chris Johnson. I don’t trust him to care all season. Simple as that. RB is a grueling position and if his heart isn’t in it, then I don’t see him being the Chris Johnson of 2008/2009.

Where to draft: I wouldn’t. Much like Peyton Manning, he is someone I will be avoiding. Someone will grab him in the first two rounds, and they will leave a better option on the board for you.

The Best of the Rest

Maurice Jones Drew. He is tough to tackle and should get plenty of touches. I would be worried about injuries though, and might only take as a second RB.

98655480MS001_NEW_ENGLAND_PFrank Gore. I want to buy into him returning to form, I really do. But I wouldn’t bet any money, or the pride that comes with winning your league, on it.

Peyton Hillis. The Madden Curse + Cleveland. Uh oh.

Felix Jones. I think Jones has a monster year. Seems like he is in the Mcfadden, I couldn’t handle the lofty expectations but now that you aren’t paying attention I’m going to go off, mold.

Matt Forte. Someone has to pick up the ball when Jasmine Cutler drops it and runs off the field crying for Kristin Cavalarri.

LeGarrette Blount. If he never punched that honky from Boise State in the face, he would have been considered one of the best backs in college. I think he takes a big step back to that level in 2011.

Ronnie Brown. Phuck You Philly.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Because I would probably rather have him than anyone else on this list.

You Underestimate the Sneakiness (under the radar)

Stevan Riddley, CJ Spiller, Kendall Hunter, Delone Carter, Reggie Bush(yes that Reggie Bush), Roy Helu, DeMarco Murray, Jamie Harper.


Steven Jackson, Ahmad Bradshaw, DeAngelo Williams, Jahvid Best, Mark Ingram, Beanie Wells, Tim Hightower, Brandon Jacobs, Ryan Matthews, Knowshon Moreno, Ryan Grant, Mike Tolbert.

Gracias, Pero No Gracias

danny-woodheadCedric Benson, Marshawn Lynch, Joseph Addai, Fred Jackson, Daniel Thomas, Pierre Thomas, Jonathan Stewart, Michael Bush (aka The Whipping Back), Thomas Jones, Darren Sproles.

I Would But Only Cause Because He’s A Little White Guy Who Plays With 100% Heart

Danny Woodhead.

Old Yeller

LaDainian Tomlinson

New Coat of Paint Ain’t Fooling Me

Marion Barber, Willis McGahee

Don’t Even Think About It

Tashard Choice


Dear Mr. Fantasy…..Play a QB?

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All week I will be weighing in on who to draft, and who to avoid like the clap, for the 2011 Fantasy Football season.  Once the season starts I will make my team, and weekly decisions public.  That way you can all give me shit for trading Tom Brady for Mike Vick, and then losing to Vick in the playoffs.  Oh wait that was last year….

The Top 10

aaron-rodgers1 – Aaron Rodgers. Adding some weapons, especially speedy WR Randall Cobb, will help, but not as much as having his whole arsenal healthy. Jermichael Finley should rebound from injury, and gives Rodgers a big target in the middle so teams can’t cheat on Jennings.

Where to draft: I’d have a hard time not taking him if he’s still available at 5 or 6. His run in the playoffs last year suggest that his best football may still be ahead of him and QBs are even more valuable with how teams spread out the carries for RBs.

2 – Mike Vick. Lots of talent. Lots of weapons. Might not be quite as effective now that teams have seen him in action, but his legs give him the edge on every other QB in the league, except Rodgers.

Where to draft: If you want him, take him in the first. In most leagues he won’t be around past 10-11.

3 – Matt Schaub. Could end up as the best fantasy QB this year, or he could have another good, not great, season. The guy has the talent, and the weapons, but they have rarely been in the same room for too long. I think this year Schaub figures it out and puts up huge numbers for what will be one of the league’s top offenses.

Where to draft: If you end up with a top player at WR/RB with your first pick, it would be worth taking Schaub in the mid to late second round.

philiprivers34 - Phillip Rivers. Showed last year that he can put up numbers no matter who is catching the ball, and should see a bump in production with Vincent Jackson back in the mix. Think this may finally be the year where he grows up and becomes a leader, and not just his team’s best player.

Where to draft: Anything sooner than the late second round would be a serious reach, but Rivers will produce, and with a shortage of sure things at QB, will definitely be gone before the third round.

5 – Drew Brees. The biggest help Drew Brees got in the abbreviated offseason? Big improvements to the Saints D. Brees is one of the most accurate passers in the league and doesn’t throw a lot of picks. It makes him an attractive option despite not putting up monster numbers.

Where to draft: Depending on how deep your league is, Brees is a great pick for the early third round.

6 – Tom Brady. Coming off one of the best seasons of his career, you would think I would rank Brady a little higher, right? Especially as a Pats fan. Well, it’s possible that I’m undervaluing him in order to throw people off the scent.

Where to draft: Don’t. On second thought, after watching how amazing he looked against the vaunted Bengals D, I put Mark Sanchez in the 6th slot

7 – Ben Roethlisburger. The acquisition of WR Jericho Cotchery will end up being one of the most underrated moves in 2011. Plaxico and Ochocinco may have gotten the headlines, but pairing Cotchery with Mike Wallace and Heinz Ward gives Roethlisburger the best WR corps of his career.

Where to draft: A solid pick at the end of the fourth round. He should be gone by the end of the fifth.

matt-ryan-thumbs-up8 – Matt Ryan. This is a shit or get off the pot year for Matty Ice. Everyone is pushing him down out throats as an elite QB, and now he has to prove it. There is far too much talent lining up next to him. Either he follows in Rodgers footsteps and makes the leap, or he settles into Carson Palmer’s vacant spot as the talented QB who always gets too much credit for being good, and is actually not that good. I think that it will be the former. Julio Jones and Roddy White could make the drummer from Def Leppard a top fantasy QB, and Ryan will have a great year.

Where to draft: If he is still around in the fourth, you should probably take him. He will likely be the best option available if you haven’t addressed QB yet.

9 – Tony Romo. I don’t like it any more than you do but Romo is too talented not to bounce back this year. He has the head coach he always wanted, and an abundance of talent at WR and TE. If he doesn’t come through this year, I say fuck you Tony Romo, I do it with Sam Bradford.

Where to draft: Once Matt Ryan goes, you should look to grab Romo if you haven’t picked a QB yet.

10 – Peyton Manning. The guy always finds a way to get it done but I think this is the year where he finally looks human. Coming into the season a little nicked up, and some talent questions on both side of the ball will make for an average season (Manning’s average is still far better than younger brother Eli’s best) by his lofty standards.

Where to draft: I wouldn’t. Allow other players to waste an early pick on him, while you stockpile WR/RBs. There are comparable options that will be available in later rounds. However, if he’s still available in the fourth/fifth, he is worth the pick.

The Best of the Rest

Kyle Orton. Mediocre in real life. Good in fantasy.

Kevin Kolb. Throws the ball to Larry Fitzgerald.

Josh Freeman. Good QB in real life. Only mediocre in fantasy.

Eli Manning. Great weapons at WR, but will be affected by the loss of TE Kevin Boss and WR Steve Smith. He also loves to throw interceptions. Buyer beware.

detroitlionsvbuffalobillsncmone7xudrlJoe Flacco. Too many weapons around him to not put up points, unless he’s not nearly as good as he would lead us to believe.

Donovan McNabb. Yawn.

Matthew Stafford. Stafford will stay healthy this year, and with the improved Lions D, he should get more opportunities. He has a big arm, and the weapons, to put up solid numbers in 2011. Plus he has Calvin Johnson…Would be a good choice if you have the last pick in the fifth/sixth and the first pick in the following round. Picking two QBs in a row at that point would probably give you your best chance to win. Stafford is the Mendoza Line. After him there aren’t too many options for QBs who you can feel confident about starting week in and week out.

It Takes Two

Sam Bradford. Still a year or two away from being a top ten QB, but like Stafford, would be a great platoon option.

Mark Sanchez. Wears white pants.

Ryan Fitzpatrick. The guy puts up numbers, but he plays for the Bills.

Matt Cassel. A great number two option, but he doesn’t get enough pass attempts to carry your team.

Colt McCoy. Great pick to keep on your bench and use as trade bait once injuries hit. He will be under the radar for most of the year, but down the stretch could prove invaluable.

Matt Hassleback. Best possible scenario? They put Jake Locker’s back into Hassleback.

Avoid the Clap…That’s Good Advice

Anyone on the Dolphins, Anyone on the Raiders, John Beck, Rex Grossman, Tim Tebow, Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Alex Smith, Garrard/Gabbart, Jay Cutler (seriously could you spend a whole year rooting for him?)

Not Now, Not Never.

Tavaris Jackson.


***RB rankings coming Tuesday****

Phuck You Philly: Part 3

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Vick Indicted FootballSo, good people of Philly, who I imagine to be a lot like an insecure girlfriend who wishes that you had never so much as held a girl’s hand before you started dating her, how do you feel about the fact that Michael Vick’s first choices were Buffalo and Cincinnati?

Vick came out of prison and wanted to date the Bills or the Bengals, and had to be talked into letting the Eagles buy him an ice cream. It would be one thing if he wanted to play for a winning franchise or a particular head coach. But the fact that he would rather have played in the dregs of the NFL, and voluntarily chosen to become a resident of Buffalo, than venture to the city of Brotherly Love, that’s gotta sting a bit.

On the bright side, maybe all the single young men out there in Philadelphia can call Roger Goodell to get them a date.


Test This Man!

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Let’s play a game?!

On the one hand, we have a quarterback who has a 58% completion rate, averages 3235 passing yards, 22.28 touchdowns, and 16.14 interceptions per season, has a career passer rating of 80.2, and 1 Super Bowl ring on his finger.

On the other, we have a quarterback with a  63.6% completion rate, 3474 passing yards, 26 touchdowns. and 10.3 interceptions per season, a 95.2 passer rating, and 3 Super Bowl rings.

Who would you pick?

More importantly, would you say those two quarterbacks even belong in the same conversation?

Quarterback A is Eli Manning, who was recently…(How bout ambitious? Yea, that sounds better than dumb) ambitious enough to think he was in the same league as Quarterback B, Tom Brady.  Sure the numbers aren’t that out of whack, but consider that Brady’s true averages, if you eliminate 2000 and 2008 where he only attempted fourteen passes, would be over 4300 yards and 32 touchdowns a season.

Then, unfortunately for Manning, we would also have to consider the playoffs.

In seven  playoff games Eli has thrown seven interceptions, seven touchdowns, and 1297 yards.  That adds up to a line of 185 yards, 1 TD, 1 int.

In nineteen playoff games, Brady has  averaged 231.9 yards a game, 1.57 TDs, and .84 int’s.

The stats speak for themselves, but since they are stats, and can’t type, I will type for them.

How, after looking at these numbers, could Eli Manning even think he is in the same league as Tom Brady?

I’ll tell you why.

Clearly Eli has gotten his hands on some peyote, dust, PCP, or some other really cool thing I don’t even know about yet, and the boy is higher than a hippie in a helicopter.

I demand that we test him, immediately if not sooner!