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The Lawn Mower Man

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There have been reports on the NFL Lockout for the last 110 days, which doesn’t include the amount of posturing, hypothesizing, and bickering, that went on before that.

I have stayed away from daily reports about the lockout because, well, all I care about is watching football. There is an obnoxiously jaded quote about boat owners that reads; The two happiest days in a boat owners life are the day he buys the boat, and the day he sells it. While I disagree that someone with the financial means to own a boat is somehow less happy than I am because he has that boat, the sentiment echoes my feelings about the NFL Lockout.

I cared the day they locked out, and I will care the day they get back to work.

All of the rest of it means nothing to me. It’s like the commercials between my favorite show. I know they are eventually going to end, I usually get up to go to the bathroom when they come one, and am really only concerned with when they end so I can get back to watching Mob Wives. Unfortunately there is no big DVR in the sky that allows us to fast forward through the lockout.

Despite trying to leave the room whenever this 110 day old commercial comes on, there is one story that I feel bears repeating.

Having done extensive research on the prospects for the 2011 NFL Draft for, I found some players who I would be rooting for regardless of the teams that they played on. You can’t spend that kind of time analyzing someone without developing an emotional association. It’s why no one will ever love you as much as a stalker will.

One of the players that I was most impressed with was DT Marcel Dareus out of Alabama. The guy had the size and athletic ability to solidify any defensive front in the league, and he seemed to be a genuinely hard working guy who battled back from injury to be better than he was before. None of that makes me as proud to say I was a Marcel Dareus fan as the fact that he has been spending the lockout cutting grass for his godfather.

The man is worth millions of hypothetical dollars, and instead of bitching about the uncertain nature of his next paycheck, he is out there pushing a mower. The fact that he chose to work, and in doing so, helped out a family member speaks volumes about the kind of man that Buffalo drafted.

As a Patriots fan, there aren’t too many times that I can remember saying this with a straight face, but I’m a little jealous of the Buffalo Bills.


Bills Name CJ Spiller Their Starter: Get Excited Buffalo

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bills-fanThe Bills have officially named C.J. Spiller as their starting running back. Spiller had an outstanding preseason, with a breakout, nay-sayer silencing performance against the Colts.  This is a no brainer for a Buffalo offense that has struggled to find an identity since 1996.  And by struggle to find an identity, I mean their last gasp for a playoff birth was the Music City Miracle.  There aren’t a lot of reasons to be glad you live in Buffalo, but C.J. Spiller is definitely one of them.

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FWG-NFL Is Killing It On Pre Season Betting Lines

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Admittedly I’m not a gambler.  Never have been and never will be, but my crew over at FWGNFL is killing it with these picks.   They beat up Vegas for like 3K last night on the Colts line, after talking about how that was a total lock, “free money people, free money.” (Check out that post here) Not to mention that have the breakdown of the Bills/Colts game last night.  Go check it out.

Terrell Owners Is Concerned Teams MAY Perceive Him As A Trouble Maker

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APTOPIX Packers Cowboys Football

AP: Terrell Ownes would like to point out that he’s never been disciplined by the NFL for off-field conduct, unlike some of the league’s “golden boys.”

No team has yet to sign him as a free agent, and the polarizing receiver worries they’re swayed by the perception he’s a troublemaker. A perception he believes he disproved with his agreeable behavior in Buffalo during a disappointing season last year.

“There were a number of times where prior I probably would have reacted, said something I wasn’t supposed to say,” Owens told The Associated Press on Tuesday. “I really had some restraint, very patient.”

Owens feels that just because he hasn’t been cited with off the field issues that he is unfairly being characterized as a so called “troublemaker.”  What Owens fails to realize is just as much as the NFL under Goodell has concerned itself with off-the field issues, the on the field stuff also matters.

Owens simply doesn’t make a good teammate.  No team in their right mind will take a risk on player that rocks the boat the way T.O. has proven he does.  His smile and flash might be marketable, but he is a proven disruptor of team chemistry.

When with the Eagles, he insinuated that  Jeff Garcia, then the starting QB of his former team in San Fran was gay.  In a Playboy interview he said, “…like my boy tells me, if it smells like a rat, and looks like a rat, then by golly it is a rat.”  Adding to his tenure of bad taste, when he was in Philly, his feud with McNabb was very public and very brazen.  Starting with a derogatory comment towards McNabb, telling him “I’m not the guy who got tired in the Super Bowl…”   He then went on to lobby for a new contract, after publicly voicing his distaste with his “underrated” original one. Including blasting the Eagles coaching and management before being suspended for four games and then deactivated for the remainder of the 2005 season.  The feud was settled with the Eagles making a choice: Keep McNabb, send T.O. packing, without a new contract.

He may have kept his nose clean off the field, but as a teammate  he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, he referred to his former employers as “classless” and lashes out against management and owners in the public forum.

He’d like to point out his “good behavior” in Buffalo this past season, but that season also marked a disappointing low in T.O.’s performance.  He was given the key to the city and promptly proceeded in opening absolutely ZERO doors for his team, or precisely only 55 catches for 859 yards.

That  may be why many GM’s, teams, and coaches are not interested in making a play for the once time very productive receiver; he’s in the twilight of his career.  Hell, even Jerry Rice played with the Raiders.

Went To UConn’s Pro Day

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Had the pleasure of stopping by UConn this afternoon.  Believe it or not it was my first time back on campus since I left for Austria.  Anyway, I’ll keep it short, its 6:20pm and no one is reading this anyway.  I know it’s cliche to say, but I swear those guys get bigger every year.  And not only that, more talent.  No, I’m not talking about this year’s crop of NFL talent, I mean the freshman, the redshirts, the pimple faced future of UConn Football.  Apparently freshmen have been turning heads so far in Spring ball, could be a “youthful” line up come fall (see what I did there).

As far at the NFL guys go, I’ll keep it brief.  Mike Hicks is slim and trim, and poised to win. Dan Ryan jumped an impressive 32 or 34 inches, depending on who you asked.  Witten and Vaughn improved their 40’s and looked remarkably fit.  Pretty much all I got on that one.

Final Thoughts:

Maybe I’m sounding like the sentimental push over, but there is no program in the country that welcomes back it’s alum like UConn.  Even pseudo-media types like me.  Open arms, lots of hugs, hellos, handshakes, whatever.  Coach Edsall even through me a curve-ball with a brief-man embrace.

Football is probably like bizzaro world in terms of heterosexuality.  Tight pants, ass slaps, hugging, crying, all acceptable on the field or in the stadium.  That goes double for the combine and pro-day.  You remove the element of pads, and add in a display of spandex, compression shorts, and cameras.  And I love it.  Well if that makes me gay then fine.  I’m as gay as they come.  My dad probably just choked on his late noon coffee.

Saw D-But (Darius Butler) at the facility.  Good news Patriots fans (bad news Bills fans), the  kid is still as athletic and muscular as ever.

Wake Up!….With Four Reasons To Love The Buffalo Bills

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go-bills The draft is nearing.  Do you know where your Bill’s fans are?*

*…..mostly in Upstate NY and Canada

NFL NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Time Line For The Buffalo Bills Head Coaching Position Discovered!

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bills-fanEvery year, come playoff time, Jay and I call in to question why we root for the Upstate Underdogs, that is, the Buffalo Bills in “your” language.   Then they announce Chan Gailey as their head coach and I almost want to quit life immediately, a had to stop Jay from reaching for his hunting rifle.  That was until some investigative blogging (riiight)  revealed this document from the Buffalo Bills front office.  In it, we have transcripts and a time line which lead us to our current coaching climate in Buffalo:  Frosty, wibill-cowhlerth a chance of firing.  Enjoy…

Bills: Hey Bill Cowher, want to be our head coach?

Bill Cowher: NO!  (Don’t worry Bill I made the same face when I heard they asked you, how dare they?)

Bills: Hey Mike Shanahan, will you interview for the job?


Bills: Jim Harbaugh, want the job?

Jim H.: NO!

Leslie Frazier, please interview for the job?


Bills:Brian Schottenheimer, please intervi…

BS: (interrupts) NO!

Bills: Well….does you dad Marty want the job?


So give the Bills a break. What would you have done if you had to hire a coach and this is how you spent your last few weeks. Good luck Chan, I’ll give you max 3 years, 2 in Buffalo and the last in LA.


Things could be worse….

Very Funny ESPN, You Laugh Now But That’s Next Year’s Superbowl Champs You’re Mocking…

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From ESPN Page 2 Poll:

the-bills-poll Dave Portnoy of put it best when he said:

I know it sounds crazy but I actually feel bad for Bills fans. Like it’s bad enough to live in Buffalo, but to have to root for a team whose greatest accomplishment is losing 4 straight superbowls? Just doesn’t seem fair. It’s like double jeopardy or something

Buffalo Bills Update: Dick Jauron Fired

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As a Bills fan, I comment not on head coaches, QBs, or star players.  All of whom, in the past decade, have come and gone like the flu season.  Instead, I will be cheering on other Bills fans, a shared misery of the couchdom.  Countless Sundays left wondering, “Why?”  The best part of being a Bills fan? Inevitably, is, other Bills fans.  Misery loves company, friends, and in Upstate new york, there’s a lot to love.

Buffalo just axed their head coach, Dick Jauron.  Well, we’ll definitely turn the season around now.  Jauron finishes his illustrious career at 24-33.  However, the best (and funniest) news out of all this might just be this little tidbit:

[ESPN] “…Jauron was blindsided by the firing, an NFL source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter”

Blindsided, huh?  Well, I guess I can understand that.  Winning games and keeping your job probably aren’t synonymous in the NFL.


Bud Adams Presents: Real Men Of Genius (Buffalo Bills Edition)

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Bud Adams Presents: Real Moments of Genius
(real moments of geeeeen-iussss)
Today we double-salute you, Mr Buffalo Bills in the 4th quarter.
(Buffalo Bills in the 4th quaaa-rterrr)
You swapped one Wonderlic-wonder quarterback for another, and yet nothing changed.
(I loooove Ryan Fitzpatrick)
You thought you could probably make this a close game, but no, you couldn’t even manage to lose in a close way
(Way to suuuuuck!)
So suck on Bud Adams’ enormous wang, Buffalo Bills in the 4th quarter. Its not like you’ve got anything better to do.
(Mr Buffalo Bills in the 4th quaaa-rterrr)

Special thanks to Chris Hansen’s Axe: [Style Points]