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D.J. Shoemate Transfers to UConn: Here Is What You Don’t KNow

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dj-shoemateUSC has lost another one of their recruits since the NCAA violations caused a virtual firesale on the PAC-10 powerhouse’s prized recruiting stable.  I personally couldn’ t enjoy more what is happening to Lane Kiffin, but that is neither here nor there.  Fans of UConn football might be asking themselves how did Shoemate end up at UConn?

Not that I would dare ever insult, question, or demean the recruiting efforts of Coach Edsall and his staff.  To be totally honest, even two years later I’m still scared that I’ll be getting a phone call telling me to drive in from Boston for my 6am stadium run.  Anyway, Shoemate who was a Super Prep All American, he could have chosen any school in the country to go to especially one that didn’t already have a standout RB in Jordan Todaman.   So why UConn? Well friends, this is where your love of FWG comes in.

Shoemate is former high school teammate of current Husky back up quarterback Johnny McEntee.  Both played together at Servite High School in Anaheim, Calif. dj-shoemate Johnny-Mac had been in contact with Shoemate since the NCAA sanctions, working the text messaging magic that only college students are capable of…that and..Facebook: The teens love the Facebook. J-Mac was able to act as a catalyst for showing his former teammate all that UConn has to offer, including that it can be a great home for those displaced from the Left Coast.

Shoemate may contribute at running back, but word out of Storrs is that he’ll be a contributor “wherever we can fit him.”  Apparently such a tremendous athlete, they’d like to fit him wherever there is a need (possibly even DB).  So, fans of UConn Football should you find yourself running into Johnny Mac on the mean streets of Storrs, or the famed parking lot of The Rent this fall, tell him thanks.  He’s managed to bring a great talent to the team and flip the proverbial “bird” to Lane Kiffin in the process.

Final Thoughts:
As many of you well know I’m living on Martha’s Vineyard.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of encountering a lovely Canadian woman maned “Luchia.”  When I asked Luchia where she was from, she said “Cape Breton, the island you know where that is.”  Well, apparently it’s an island off the coast of Nova Scotia (Thanks Google!).  Of course at the time, sitting on that bench in Edgartown I had no idea, so I replied as such.  She let out an uncommon chuckle of disdain and hilarity for a woman of her age (75…I asked). “Well then, you’re DEFINITELY American, no sense of geography at all. My island is much more beautiful than this, we have mountains”    I was dumbfounded and insulted.  So I replied,  “how big is your island?”  To which she said, “Oh I don’t know, much bigger than this I suppose”
Well at that point, I’d had it.  So replied “Typical Canadian.  No sense of geography.  Martha’s Vineyard is 20 miles long by 10 miles wide…”

Well, Luchia pretty much vowed never to return to the U.S. ever again, and I’m pretty much okay with that.  If it takes one insulting lesson in geography to keep the Canadians away then I think I’ve done my part.

I Dropped The Ball On Monday….

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alyssa-tosoni-2You know in the Blogosphere, Monday is the most important day of the week.  Its the time when everyone gets back on their computer and says “Gee this raging hangover sucks, I’m going to zone out for the next 4 to 5 hours, contemplate some of these life choices, pretend I’m doing work and read Thoughts From A Fat White Guy”.  Well congrats on achieving middle-management, you are the reason we do like 20,000 hits on a Monday and by Friday we barely register a blip.  Well, imagine how bad I feel that yesterday I didn’t post any fresh content.

Let’s say I had my own “demons” to deal with after St. Patrick’s day festivities in Boston.  I never want to see that many angry, drunk, pale skinned individuals in one place ever again….or unless I’m ever at a UVA football game again.

See, I had to drive back to Rochester, NY to see the family (I call it keeping up appearances).  Not only that but with the NFL site such a huge success, we’ve decided to go forth and spew our opinions all over Major League Baseball….so we’re prepping the launch of Thoughts From a Fat White Guy: MLB Edition. Thus beginning another ridiculous chapter in my obscure career.

That’s all for now, enjoy the visual stimulation, and I appreciate your continued support of what we (the royal we, dude) are trying to do here:  Provide journalistically irresponsibly opinions on college and professional sports, while watching our arteries slowly  clog.


Oh, Some Final Thoughts:

I saw Brady Quinn got traded and Jakey D got resigned.  I wish someone would pay me $20 million to be mediocre at my job.  Instead, they pay me nothing, and I’m still mediocre.

I received a call from Coach Randy Edsall this morning.  For those new to the site (try and keep up), he’s my former head coach.  Even though its been almost 2 years since he’s been in control of my every move, the phone rings, I see its him and my heart just drops.  “No! No! No more 6am runs….no…I didn’t miss breakfast check.”  I’ll chalk it up to the amount of undying respect I have for the man, but I could do without the self-soiling that occurrs in that brief moment of terror.

I Just Got Owned on Chat Roulette….By This Guy

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chat-roulette-2Sure I’m here Chat-Rouletting…trying to promote the blog.  And I get owned by this kid.  Anyway, its Friday.  Its a slow day, and I’m cutting out early to go snowboarding.


I Want An Oompa Loompa Now!

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Well combine is over, I’m out here scrambling for things to talk about, as the draft approaches.  I will be going to a few prodays, so I’ll have that to talk about.  Pretty much, I’m just living the dream here in Boston.  My roommate, or as she likes to be called my “girlfriend” is campaigning for me to parlay this blog into a free Motorola Droid for her (see her sales pitch below).  But I told her, that free laundry and internet fame were about all that Thoughts From a Fat White Guy brings to the table.  I mean, don’t get mad at me, you’re the one that signed up for this ride.  You broke it you bought it.

Your Fat White…err…Black Guy Moment Of The Week

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Go ahead and fast forward to the 40 second mark.

The Penn State football team has really outdone themselves with this one.  “Thon” is a fundraiser at Penn State that raises money for Childhood Cancer Research.  Not only is the football team supporting an excellent cause, but unlike the talent shows of my youth, the fat kid has a time to shine.  Which would be #75, freshman defensive tackle Evan Hailes.  You gotta love it when the fat kid can move.

Hat Tip [EDSBS]

Wake Up! Boston Radio Wars, Combine Results, and FWG-NFL on ESPN HOUSTON!

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We did our feature on ESPN Radio 97.5- Houston on Thursday, have a listen as I get cut off by poor cellular reception, and leave the future of the “FWG” brand to Jay.  He does excellent.

It’s a proud day to be a Bostonian, the so called “radio wars” have been escalated, at the hand of Andy Massaua (The Big Show) who sent “thinely vailed homophobic insults” at the Sports Hub.  So he called him Canadian.  Who cares?

Jay has combine results over on FWG-NFL, who stood out and who didn’t.  Hint, Tim Tebow in the latter.

The Girlfriend to FWG: “You Suck At Left Overs”

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The site is called Thoughts From a Fat White Guy for  reason.  The reason being, I’m fat.  So imagine my surprise when my roommate (ehem, girlfriend) was all fired up that I ate the last serving of lasagna in our fridge.  I mean, here I was thinking this was an unwritten rule, a common law understanding.  Like, you leave the house and go to your “real job” and I get to stay home and blog, and thus have free reign on the refrigerator.  The home office pretty much makes this place my kingdom.  Like Robin Hood, you can’t kill deer in the King’s forest.  Well in this case my forest is a GE Stackable, and the deer?  Her mom’s excellent lasagna.  So when I got an email saying “you suck at left-0vers” I nearly choked on my piping hot serving of lasagna.  I suck at em? on the contrary, I kick ass at them.  I’m like the Ali of leftovers. I might have been mediocre at college football, but mid day meals…. The fuckin’ greatest.

Expect WWIII when she’s home (via G-Chat):

me: im blogging about the lasagna dispute
Alexandra: u suck

FWG Morning Links

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Tim Tebow

Draft status upgrade?…Tebow unveils new throwing motion. [Sun Sentinel]

Florida Gators are excited to unveil new –look running attack for 2010. [Orlando Sentinel]

The destruction of LaMichael James before our eyes. [The Register-Guard]

Vernon Gholston’s “bust” tag still affecting OSU players hopeful of playing in The League. [The Plain Dealer]

America’s Curiosity (and Insensitivity) Reflected In The Beauty Of Google Search

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This is what happens when you start to search for “What happened to Scott Norwood”.  Search on America.  Search on.

seals-face-11seals-face-21Seal is having the last laugh.  Heidi Klum.

2010 East-West Shrine Game: Players to Watch

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east-west-shrine-gameThe College All-Star games are when a player’s stock has the most potential to rise or fall, as the speculation and evaluation gets harder with the 2010 NFL draft approaching. While the Senior Bowl is undoubtedly the most prestigious of the the postseason games, the East-West Shrine game is probably second — and is arguably the most important for mid-round players hoping to improve their chances.  With all 32 NFL teams in attendance, it is a week long showcase for players, so Jay and I are bringing you 5 players from each squad to watch…


1. Greg Hardy, DE - Ole Miss Rebels

Hardy is my number 1 player to watch on either team. Last year Hardy was supposed to be a 1st round draft pick but he decided to come back to school. He missed almost half of the season with a few different injuries. Well now he is healthy and can show the NFL scouts that he can play at the next level. With a great game I think Hardy locks himself into being picked no later than the 2nd round.

2. Blair White, WR - Michigan State Spartans

Former walk-on turned captain, Blair White, will have some questions to answer at the Shrine game. He had a great senior year with 70 catches for 990 yards and 9 TDs. The knock on White is that he isn’t that fast. He has great hands but will he be able to create space for himself at the next level?

3. O’Brien Schofield, DE - Wisconsin Badgers

Schofield was awesome for the Badgers this season. He had a great game vs. Miami in the Champs Sports Bowl where he recorded 2 sacks. He isn’t that big. He is extremely athletic and runs very well. Can he play DE at the next level? He may be in for a switch to a 3-4 OLB in the NFL.

1. Lindsey Witten, DE, UConn

wittenWitten set the tone for pass-rushers in the Big East this season. He is tall and incredibly athletic, with good hands and an incredibly long frame. His brother, Donte Whitner, was the Buffalo Bills’ first-round draft pick out of Ohio State, so he has genetics in his favor. There are still some questions about his size and strength translating to the NFL in run-stopping situations, which has some scouts projecting him to play outside linebacker in rush situations as a pro. The Shrine game will give him a chance to showcase his toughness and speed and to improve his draft stock to the late second round.

5. Jarrett Brown, QB - West Virginia Mountaineers

At 6′4, 220 lbs., Brown has a great frame to play QB in the NFL. He is extremely athletic and has tremendous upside. He had an okay senior year, throwing only 11 TDs to his 9 INTs. He needs to show that he has the smarts to play QB at the next level. Can he read defenses and make smart, quick decisions? With a bad game he risks going undrafted however with a good game I think a NFL team will take a shot on him in the 5th or 6th round.



1. Max Hall, QB - BYU Cougars

Hall had a very good senior year as he led the Cougars to an 11-2 record. He threw for over 3,500 yards and 33 TDs. Hall doesn’t have a great body for an NFL QB. He stands just under 6′1 and weighs 200 pounds. Listen I don’t want to hear the Drew Brees excuse. (How Brees stands only 6′0 and weighs in around 210 pounds) He is an extreme exception to the rule

2. Joe Pawelek, LB - Baylor Bears

Pawelek was a monster for Baylor. He had over 100 tackles the last two years. The big question with him is his speed. Does he have what it takes to run sideline to sideline in the NFL? He has good instincts and with a good game I can see him being drafted in the 3rd or 4th round.

3. Dennis Pitta, TE - BYU Cougars

Pitta really has a chance to climb up draft boards here. Everyone has Jermaine Gresham from Oklahoma as their top rated TE but after that the rankings are up in the air. With a good game, I can see Pitta climbing up the rankings board and securing himself as the 2nd rated TE.

4. Darrell Stuckey, S - Kansas Jayhawks

Stuckey played well for Kansas this year. He doesn’t have great size for a safety but he is very versatile and isn’t afraid to help out in the run game. With a good game, I think Stuckey can improve his draft stock and move up into the 2nd round.

5.  Chris Brown, RB - Oklahoma Sooners

Brown’s stock really dropped this year. In 2008 he had 1,220 yards and 20 TDs. In 2009 he only totaled 749 yards and 7 TDs. Now, all of that is not his fault. The Sooners lost their Heisman trophy winning QB and their offensive line was banged up all year. Brown will probably be a 6th or 7th round pick in the 2010 NFL draft but with a bad game he runs the risk of going undrafted. Brown needs to run hard and show that he can play at the next level.