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Tweeting the Blues

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For all those suffering from a busted bracket, I offer you these Tweets of wisdom.


FSU/ND - Game ended just in time to attend the grand opening of the Big East’s new restaurant, Overrated.


Illini/KU – After falling to NIowa last year, KU can’t be thrilled about a road to the final 4 paved with underdogs.


Marquette/Cuse – It’s my fault Cuse. I know better than to trust you but come tournament time…I just can’t quit you.


VCU/Purdue – Matt Painter couldn’t draw up a way to stop the kid that Samuel Jackson kicked off the team in Coach Carter..Really??


Arizona/Texas – Out of work Charlie Sheen should team up with Rick Barnes for a new show called Winning and Losing.


Ohio State/George Mason – Larranaga’s inspirational pregame speech wasn’t as effective as Sullinger’s in game version “It’s over, yo.”


UW/UNC – Would have loved to see UW get the 1.5 they deserved to try and tie it up. Especially since UNC’s D is easier than a Kardashian.


Duke/Michigan – @Duke in 2010 Butler came w/in an inch, now Michigan…what’s next? We find out Singler is dating Adriana Lima?

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Madness Continues…

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Feeling much better after some food, so now it’s time to tackle the other 5 games on today’s schedule.



6:10 - 7Temple VS 2San Diego State

The Aztecs, under coach Steve Fisher, have embraced an up tempo style that provides lots of highlights. Kawhi Leonard, who averages a double double, and is one of the better players in the country at the forward position, is one of the keys to San Diego State’s success. Despite the offensive firepower, Fisher’s boys still play D. Temple isn’t flashy, but with great guard play led by Ramon Moore and hero from Round 2 Juan Fernandez, they play great D and can hang with anyone. San Diego State’s talent should carry them over a game Owl squad in one of the best games of the day.

Half Assed Prediction: SDST 69 Temple 67


7:10 – 8Butler VS 1 Pittsburgh

Butler went through a war with Old Dominion, and their experience carried them through. The experience won’t be enough against a Pittsburgh team that gets in your face, and stays there for 40 minutes. The Panthers play stifling defesne and it helped them dismantle UNC Asheville. With stellar guard play from Ashton Gibbs and size from Britney Griner, eh sorry Gary McGhee down low, I think they will handle Butler.

Half Assed Prediction: Pitt 64 Butler 54


7:45 – 11 Gonzaga VS3 BYU

Jimmer Fredette can light it up. There’s no question about that. But I don’t think the Cougars have enough talent in the rest of the band to beat a Gonzaga team that knows how to win in the tournament. This one has upset written all over it.

Half Assed Prediction: Gonzaga 70 Jimmer Fredette and the Detters 59


8:40 – 5 Kansas State VS 4Wisconsin

Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan seems mean. He is like the old man that yells at all the neighborhood kids for walking on his grass. Mean or not he knows how to coach. The Badgers play solid basketball, turning the ball over less than anyone in the country. They can score inside and out, and play great defense. Kansas State seemed to be peaking at the right time and with All American scoring machine Jacob Pullen, many people had them as a dark horse Final 4 team. I think that running into a gritty Badger team so early will derail a deep run this year. Bo Ryan isn’t going to let one man beat him and I don’t think K-State has enough behind him to beat Wisconsin. This has rock fight written all over it and I see it going down to the wire.

Half Assed Prediction: Wisconsin 62 Kansas State 59


9:40 – 6Cinncinnati VS 3 UCONN

Kemba Walker showed he can carry his team, and the young Huskies run in the Big East has them brimming with confidence coming into the tournament. UCONN C Alex Oriakhi jumped on Walker’s shoulders and found his game again making UCONN more balanced, and more dangerous. It is always tough to beat a fellow Big East opponent twice in a row and a physical Cincinnati team, led by Yancy Gates should be ready to make sure it doesn’t happen. The Bearcats took out a Missouri team that likes to play fast, something the Huskies will try to do as well. In a game that will be back and forth the edge goes to UCONN because of Walker’s ability to get his shot whenever he wants.

Half Assed Prediction: UCONN 73 Cincinnati

If you missed the breakdown of the first three games….Saturday Madness!!


Saturday Madness!!

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Some thoughts on today’s early games:


12:15 - 4West Virginia Vs 5Kentucky 

Should be a great start to another day filled with basketball. Kentucky has won 7 games in a row, but I think West Virginia gets the edge for being more experienced at the guard positions. Good guard play is vital for a deep NCAA run and while I think that the Mountaineers lack the offenseive firepower to advance much further, I think their mental toughness and aggressive defense give them the edge here. Sorry Ashely Judd, I am here if you need a shoulder to cry on.

Half Assed Prediction: WVU 63 Kentucky 59


2:45 - 7UCLA Vs 2 Florida

UCLA pulled what many consider to be an upset by beating Michigan State. I think most people overvalued the Spartans because they always seem to make a deep run and have one of the best coaches in the business. Tom Izzo watched his team underachieve all season and couldn’t get them fired up come tournament time. UCLA has an athletic team that should be able to hang with Florida. In the end though, the Gators are too deep and too talented and should pull away down the stretch. I expect a big game from Chandler Parsons.

Half Assed Prediction: Florida 72 UCLA 59


5:15 - 13 Morehead St vs 12 Richmond

Morehead St blew up a lot of brackets by beating a Louisville team that was the runner up in the Big East Tourney. They are a solid, athletic team and should match up well with Richmond. Both teams pulled upsets, although I believe many predicted Richmond. Morehead State acted like they had won the title after knocking off the Cardinals, while the Spiders from Richmond calmly shook hands. In the case of a 13 versus a 12, I am going with the team that acts like it’s been there before.

Thoughts on the later games after a cheese omelette.  Enjoy your Saturday.


March Madness Live Blog

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Get that refresh key ready, I’m going for a second helping of Live Blogging over at  Tune in from 4pm to 10pm tonight at ROB LUNN LIVE BLOGS for more gems like this:

11 p.m.: Some teams advanced to the Sweet 16 in spectacular fashion Saturday night. Yes, I’m talking about you, Northern Iowa. Stunning upsets, crushing defeat, even Wake Forest found itself on the receiving end of a good, old-fashioned Kentucky smackdown.

Too much excitement, your bookie calling in a threatening manner?

Fret not, college basketball fan. For Sunday, you can either watch basketball or those frolicking tennis twins that CBS found appropriate to plug 60 times over the last seven hours.

My Bracket Is Donezo…Get The Kool-Aid Ready

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cult-suicideIts probably the only time of the year when it is acceptable for grown men to yell furiously at their office computers (thanks live streaming) or, call it quits at noon mid week.  Double Whammy on the mid week drinking by the way, St. Pats?.. now this?  I bet the campus of Notre Dame looks like a scene from Jonestown.  Just bodies strewn everywhere, blacked out from excessive green beer.  I feel bad for the people in South Bend, just a joyless existence out there…you know, besides mediocre football and touchdown Jesus.