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News Out Of UConn: Edsall Coaching Safeties…The Player’s Perspective

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Edsall coached defensive backs early in his career at Syracuse and then with the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. UConn appears loaded this season at most positions, but safety could be the weak link, and Edsall is regarded as one of the game’s best teachers.

Normally I don’t like to agree with the “media types” because so often “they” have it very wrong.  But on this one, they are right.  Edsall taking over coaching duties for the safeties is the best move he could have made as a “CEO” (his words, not mine).  The safeties, with the departure of Vaughn and McClain are a weak point, this much you already know.  But, here at FWG we (I) like to go the extra mile.  To answer the question you probably won’t see answered anywhere else which is, how do the player’s feel?

Remember a few years back when Coach Lyndon Johnson had some medical issues and was sidelined during Spring football, Edsall installed himself as the Husky linebacker coach.  Well like was miserable and excellent for those guys.  Imagine being held to an even higher level of accountability (the head coach is now running your position).  In that sense it is torture, the cold sweats, the nervousness, the man that holds your fate in his hands is personally evaluating every snap you take.  I can even remember linebacker Scott Lutrus telling me, “I can feel the head man’s breath on my neck.”  But on the other side of it, it presents an opportunity learn from one of the best teachers in the game.  It is also a chance to see your coach as a person.

So often in college football, you are close with your academic staff, position coach, and of course strength and conditioning.  The head coach is wrapped up in all matters of the organization and unless you are an integral part of the team’s success (hat tip, Donny Brown) then the time you spend one on one is minimal (unless you’ve skipped class, then it is all too personal).  Edsall will be holding these guys to a level of accountability they’ve never seen (especially for such a young group).  But he is also the best man for the job, and for that they are incredibly lucky.

Wake Up With Quotes From UConn’s Scott Lutrus

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“We’re not going out there for a tour of the campus or a history lesson,” Scott Lutrus said. “We’re going out there to try and win a football game.”

“Paper-Champ!” - Clubber

Yes, UConn plays Notre Dame this Saturday.  Sealing the fate of Charlie Weis and coming back to Storrs with the W.

The Adventures Of Super Scott…..

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I don’t want people to start thinking I’m becoming a fashion site, although there have been a few posts on those snazzy new uniforms (navy is this season’s fuscia). Anyway—Santini sent me this photo, taken only moments ago atop a mountain—in Connecticut. Notice the way the red cape accents his sharp jaw and military-high-n-tight hair cut.
I think we should send our congratulations to UConn Strength coaches Jerry Martin and Drew Wilson; having improved Lutrus’s bench, squat, clean, and flying ability. Well done guys.


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As I sit here, currently 3:19am on January 21st, I realized after 2 sleepless hours in my bed what better to do than write my “guest blog appearance” for the FWG. First off, let me get a few things straight before you all expect so much. I am NOT an English major. I do NOT blog for fun. I am NOT omniscient as Rob Lunn portrays himself to be. And…I do NOT possess the wit and humor that he so passionately presents to you every day. I AM Scott Lutrus.

I have been fortunate enough to be granted the opportunity from the FWG to post my own entry on his site. I did not request this in an effort to receive a job offer (but I will consider any proposal) or to bring attention upon myself. For once, I understand how Temple felt throughout the past year and all I want…is a little JUSTICE. Throughout the previous year, I have been asked time and time again if I really sing the UCONN fight song in the shower and where I buy my “Cucumber Soothing Regenerative Wrinkle Inhibiting Night Time Mask.” As I hate to be the bearer of bad news, if you haven’t realized by now, 90% of Rob’s entries are false and that is why I am here to spell the truth and what you may not know about Robert M. Lunn. I am going to hold off on that highly anticipated information while I’d like to get a few random thoughts off my chest.

1…Rob Lunn Receives Job After Writing Fluke Blog

Yes, it turns out that a man with too much time on his hands and a perky sense of humor can simply earn a job. If only it was that easy to land a career by being fat…white…and a guy. Kudos to you, Rob.

2…Rob Really Overachieved

I know that he has harped on this before and most of us have all thought it, but his girlfriend really is WAY out of his league. (Sorry fella, just being honest here) By writing about this, Rob received numerous pity emails that read, “Don’t put yourself down, you’re gorgeous too!” “You’re not a minor league, you’re a pro just like your girlfriend!” and “Will you marry me?” Well Rob, whatever it takes to make yourself feel better.

3…Rob Lunn is NOT Bald

Contrary to popular belief, I have to admit the man is not bald. Of course many jokes can be made about being fat and bald..and it has worked, but it is false. I could simply shave my head with a straight blade every week and begin calling myself hairless but then again, I’m not a liar.

During the past 2 bowl games, Rob has exposed quite a share of information about me, whether it is true or false. The knowledge that I am about to share with you is ALL true.

Believe it or not, in his younger years as a child before his “blogging career” took off, Rob was an actor. With his charming grin and picturesque blond hair, he was the national figure for the innovative Kodak Easy Share (usually found at your typical Walmart to develop pictures), commonly found in commercials. At the age of 12, Rob starred in his first movie, The Legend of Cryin’ Ryan, which he played a young boy named Billy. (For you doubters: With such a successful career at a young age, we all assumed he would continuously mature throughout college. My doubts turned into reality September 22nd, 2007. Which is also the day that we defeated Pittsburgh 34-14 at Heinz field. What occurred the night before was…well let’s just say, childish. As I walked into Rob’s Marriot hotel room on my way to breakfast the morning of the game, I noticed his bed was stripped of all the linens. A few thoughts rambled through my mind, “Maybe he had a nightmare?” “Maybe Cody Brown played a joke on him” or…”Maybe…he…wait, no he couldn’t have.” You guessed it, my last presumption was correct. I looked at Rob and didn’t even have to ask when he looked at me like any 6 year old would after wetting the bed and said in a soft tone, “I had an accident.” I understand that people may get nervous the night before the game and might lose a few hours of sleep because they’re concentrating so hard on the battle upon them, but at this age, the only excuse for soaking your sheets is a night of excessive drinking…and that certainly wasn’t the case. It’s time to grow up, Rob.

Now that I have shared some of the FWG’s secrets, I would like to sincerely thank all of the fans who take the time to support my good friend Rob Lunn by reading this blog and everyone who has taken the time to support our team on and off the field. Hope to see you all in the 2009 season. Signing out..SWG (Slender White Guy).

The Obligatory Scott Lutrus Post

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The Obligatory Scott Lutrus Post

I knew something wasn’t quite right this bowl trip. I thought it was the “Canadian Fries” (side of gravy please), then I thought it was the currency (FWG missed the memo that those little coins are two dollars a piece…$20 in the wishing well). But then it occurred to me, I’ve been far too kind to my bowl-game roommate and resident All-American (not to mention the Pride of Connecticut) Scott Lutrus.

For those who read (and sometimes enjoyed) last year’s bowl blog, you know that Scott was a frequent target. Either it was his shower-prep-time-routine (jusssst shy of 2 hours), to his vocal rendition of the UConn fight song. Having him as a roommate was comedic gold.

Maybe I’ve matured (I haven’t). Maybe I’ve turned my focus to more important things, more worldly events like global warming and pollution (I definitely haven’t). Maybe I’m too busy posing for pictures with the Rev. Jesse Jackson. (see below)

Whatever the case, the bottom line is that I have been far too kind to Scott thus far.

That’s about to change.

I’m noticing a trend with my dear friend. Every time a beautiful babe comes within 10 yards, his clothes start to get itchy. Very itchy. So much in fact that he has to rip off those cotton threads as quickly as humanly possible. My girlfriend came to visit. Scott takes off his shirt. My Mom comes to the room: Clothes off. My 105 year old great grandmother…there’s Scottye…sans shirt.

I noticed the development of this affliction during our spring break in Mexico. The slightest breeze and Mexican sun would cause Scottie to make like Rico Suave and shed the clothes he apparently loathed like a straight jacket.

Over time, gone untreated, this had lead to chronic-shirtlessness (ask your physician). Even the cold weather climate of Toronto has done nothing to curb this cousin to nudism. Our first night in Toronto found Scott Lutrus, in 15 degree weather (thats Fahrenheit), with the snow covering his torso.

I’ve talked to Scott about this, but you know what…it takes a village. So I now implore all fans of UConn Football to provide Scott with words of encouragement in regaining his shirt-hood. Its all about baby steps, perhaps a tank top there or scarf here to start. So next time you see him, make sure you tell him “Scott…I’m here for you. Please put on a shirt.”

At the end of this blog, I’ll be turning it over to a one-time guest blogger. That’s right, Scott Lutrus will get his shot at revenge. Tune in for that.

Time to beat Buffalo.