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Password Thursday At UConn’s Best Bar

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fwg-beer-bargeOne of the best parts about getting older is that I get to look back on my college days with a fond hazy memory.  Sure there were football games, stadiums full of screaming fans, and progressively better seasons, but a lot of what I remember is linked directly to what happened off the field.

As a football player, despite the images conjured up by movies like The Program (yes a FWG favorite) this wasn’t a roided out booze fest at all.  It more about shared misery; no matter how much you loved the game, or loved to play….you were still constantly sore, too tired to study effectively, and always strapped for “down time.”  The best memories I have are sitting in the locker room bullshitting before and after practice, film-room hi-jinx, and of course taking a few liberties with our female party guests (gasp!).

Anyway, before I take that turn down “back when I played…” -lane, I’d like to remind all our college readers that they still have those times at hand, and there is not better way to seize the moment than treating yourself to a night out with your buddies (or BFF-BESTIES GIRLFRIENDS!!!!111!!).

So, as always enjoy free cover and drinks, courtesy of FWG at Ted’s by using the password (in honor of the UConn QB Trickshot we sent viral).

Password is: TRICK SHOT.
Now go enjoy yourselves, ya filthy animals.

It’s Password Wednesday Again For Ted’s Bar At UConn

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I forgot just exactly how much time college students have off.  Flat out forgot.  The girlfriend’s cousins live close to us in Boston and the youngest, Samantha is of college age as is her boyfriend.  I’d come home after long days of work to find them playing XBox Kinnect or helping themselves to my fridge full of ice cold beer.  Not mad at all, as we have an open door “what’s mine is your’s” policy here at Casa De Fatty.
But this pattern of, shall we say, availability went on for a seemingly endless period of time.
Then I realized that here I am, at the ripe age of 25, with taxes, and car payments, and health insurance, engrossed in a world of adult responsibility.  And my college counterparts, have a full fucking month off from “school” (read: drinking, 50 cent pitchers, and unprotected, undiscerning sexual intercourse).  Why do I bring this up?

Because every week I was in contact with our lovely owner and bar keep Ryan, asking him when I could put up the next Ted’s password.  So many weeks went bye, I flat out assumed UConn would never be back in session, and as such I missed a week.  I’m sorry (Go screw you ungrateful bastards).

So in light of my fuck up and the recent events at UConn I’ve decided to make this week’s password: BURTON.

As always, the password gets you free drinks and cover at the bar.  Enjoy.

Password Wednesday At Ted’s Bar At UConn

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Every Wednesday my contact at Ted’s emails me pictures of the people who use the FWG password to make their hump-day that much better.  And every week I’m on here talking about the astounding amount of girls that are reading FWG and getting free/cover and drinks.  Well, this week I got quite the sausage fest of pictures.  Normally, you’d think “hey isn’t that a bit discouraging, Rob?  Don’t you live with your girlfriend—have two dogs—and an otherwise pretty sad existence.  Doesn’t seeing pictures of college dudes really ruin your day?”  The answer is, No. (well, sort of…but for this story, no).
A few weeks back I found myself helping my girlfriend shop for a new suit for work. It was then that I realized I’m a lost cause—but it’s not to late for you; fine (male) readers of this blog.  You can still go to the bar, find yourself a date that you won’t mind telling your buddies about (just no one in your dorm/apartment building: don’t shit where you eat, bro.)
So while getting emailed pictures of beautiful babies is a latent function of this job, I was glad to see that there are still single guys out there, willing to do the Lord’s work.  What more can I ask for?  So, keeping that in mind tonight’s password is: FLUFF As in, I hope you spend all night chasing the fluff.


Password Night Tonight At Ted’s Bar @ UConn: $3 Wing Buckets/Drinks THEN Nickel Night

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I find myself back in Connecticut more and more now that this gig with ESPN is up and running.  Coincidentally, I also find myself taking frequent hydration breaks off 84, up route 195, right on North Eagleville Road and at Ted’s Bar.  Tonight they are running a special FWG promotion (shit that fat kids, and broke chicks can really wrap their minds around): 6pm-8pm is $3 drinks and wing buckets. Follow this up by 8-10 nickel night (drinks/beers a nickel…no, seriously).  As always, first 10 people with the password get free cover/drinks.  And since we’re running this promo on a Thursday instead of our typical Wednesday we’re making the password: SMUSH.

Say the password.  Get free drinks and cover at the best bar at UConn.

6-8 is $3drinks $3 pitchers and wing buckets, and 8-10 is nickel night and live music.

Final Thought:

Do you think masturbation is frowned upon at the bottom of a Chilean mine shaft?

It’s Password Wednesday: Beautiful Baby Edition

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I won’t lie, I had no idea FWG was popular with the pretty-girl set.  Sure I was able to trick my girlfriend through creative blogging, but check out the babes dominating the shit out of password Wednesday at Ted’s Bar in Storrs.   This weekend is UConn’s homecoming and I’ll be there Friday night kicking it at Ted’s.  Where will I be staying? I plan on doing the classy thing and showing up at my old apartment, forcing entry, and making myself comfortable on the couch.  If questioned by tenants/police investigators I’ll simply invoke the “This is the house that Lunn” built rule, and be on my way.
But that’s Friday and today is Wednesday—karaoke night—so get to Ted’s early, use the password HANGOVER and enjoy free cover and few drinks on your drain-on-society-clinging-to-self-promotion-blogger.



Wake Up! FWG Bringing You Free Cover At Ted’s

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I’m heading out to Omaha, Nebraska as part of my current pursuits with ESPN Radio, so we’ve been a little light on the blogging this week as a result.  So there I was this morning, lathering Lever 2000, when it hit me “There…are….sober college kids…out there today” and by sober college kids, I mean a couple of dudes who really need Wednesday night Karaoke at Ted’s in order to get laid.  So, this one is for you.  The deal is the same as last week : Give the password at the door, free cover/drinks on FWG.  Boom.  This week’s password is “BROADWAY”  Password works for 10 people, so hurry.

And as an added bonus, send your pictures to THEFATWHITEGUYatGMAIL.COM and if I feature them on the blog, free FWG T Shirt.  You can’t lose.


Ted’s Bar Password Winners

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Success! Karaoke night and free cover, and a couple of beautiful babies courtesy of FWG and Ted’s.  For those of you not quite “in the know” we are running a weekly password for free cover/drinks/bad decisions/etc.   I also like that there were good looking women taking advantage of this, because I was pretty sure it would be 10 frat guys (see video below) all elephant walking around the bar.  But I should have known better, Ted’s has never let me down before, why would the start now.  That’s right, they wouldn’t.


Wake Up! Hung Over From Michigan - UConn (Courtesy of Ted’s Bar)

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Woke up this fine Tuesday morning still reeling from the weekend.  Was it really possible that of the three games I bet on I lost ‘em all?  Sure enough Michigan, Notre Dame, and Boise State all had their way with me.  Besides the Michigan game (which we’ll get into later), a lack of preparedness is why I called the Notre Dame and Boise games all wrong.  This is what you get for betting with your heart, like marriage and baby making these should not moves of passion but rather cold, calculated decisions.  I hate Notre Dame (there I said it) and I wanted to believe Purdue would deliver some Karmic justice to Brian Kelly (The Great Abandoner of ‘09).  I should have known that BK would have his guys ready to go.

As far as Boise, well not much can be said there.  They execute well on every play.  Something that UConn failed to do.  In the media since Saturday there have be prognostications about a backslide for the program, how UConn was “out classed.”  They couldn’t be more wrong.

Talking about the loss with several of the UConn players, one theme was prevalent: they didn’t execute.  Offensive linemen missed a few (key) assignments and just as they started to get their legs underneath them things like a fumble, dropped ball in the end-zone or botched snaps took the wind right out their sails once again.


Defense wasn’t much better, as Michigan seemed to set the tone and UConn’s historically stingy defense was facing 2nd and 3rd downs with short yardage, instead of the 2nd and 3rd -n- long’s that they’ve made a living off of the past 10 years.  I will say this for the Wolverines, they came ready to play.  More ready than Rich-Rod has had them since his tenure began.

The really rule of football is taking 24 hours to celebrate or mourn a loss.  If I know one thing about Randy Edsall (and I claim to know just a few) it is that UConn football always bounces back after a loss with some of their best football.  Players almost always respond from an embarrassing loss like this past one with extra effort, extra focus, extra film: It is something UConn football prides itself on.

Watch out, Texas Southern