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Non. Compliance. Alleging. A#*H@#*S.

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As someone who grew up playing, watching, living and breathing basketball, Jim Calhoun has been a part of my life for almost 20 years. Calhoun recruited Reggie Lewis, my favorite Celtic as a kid, to Northeastern before taking the head coaching job in Storrs.

He has been the coach at UCONN since I was 4 years old. In that time he took the program from a Big East bottom feeder to a perennial power house. Ever since recruiting Bridgeport’s Chris Smith, Calhoun has attracted blue chip prospects by the handful. After Smith, who led UCONN to the Big East Championship and a Sweet 16 birth against Duke in his sophomore season, there was Donyell Marshall, Clifford Robinson, Ray Allen, RIP Hamilton, Ben Gordon, Caron Butler, Rudy Gay, and Emeka Okafor.

Clearly Calhoun has some serious game when it comes to recruiting.


The NCAA has suspended Calhoun for the first 3 Big East games of 2011-2012 for “failing to create an atmosphere of compliance.”

Failing to create an atmosphere of compliance? Sounds like something one of the Borgs would have said to the crew of the Enterprise, or something that would have been used to justify the burning of a beloved book.

I have no idea what an atmosphere of compliance is, and frankly I don’t care. Calhoun has admitted that mistakes were made in the recruiting process, but insisted that he is not, nor has he ever been a cheater. I not only believe him, I blame the NCAA.

The rules should be designed to protect our athletes, promote fair play, and ensure the integrity of college sports.

They should not be designed to ensnare quality coaches who have devoted their entire lives to teaching a game that they love.

The NCAA has made a habit out of stealing headlines with their investigations. This past fall, Cam Newton got burned at their stake for the sins of his father, and it nearly derailed his career. It is time for the NCAA to learn its place.

We don’t watch sports to hear about sanctions, probations, and atmospheres that lack compliance.

We watch sports because we love what they bring into our lives; the competition, the excitement, the athletic ability that has left most of us years ago, if it was ever present at all. The NCAA is taking the fun out of sports. The NCAA is gradually turning college sports into a police state, where each day gives us a new court case to consider.

Maybe he made some mistakes, but Jim Calhoun is no cheater.

Shame on the NCAA for dragging his name through the mud in the interest of something so ridiculously obscure as an atmosphere of compliance.

UConn Violates NCAA Rules

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ESPN.COM Connecticut potentially committed NCAA rules violations in its recruitment of former guard Nate Miles, Yahoo! Sports reported Wednesday.

The Web site reported that according to multiple sources, between 2006 and 2008, Miles was provided with lodging, transportation, restaurant meals and representation by Josh Nochimson, a former UConn student manager who had become a professional sports agent and formerly represented ex-Huskies star Richard Hamilton.

When are people going to stop being surprised about NCAA “violations” at major universities. Stop acting surprised, just like the NCAA should stop acting like student-athletes at said universities are “amateurs.” Athletes are not like the general population, so stop pretending they are. In the words of Coach Sam Winters in The Program, “Yeah, but when was the last time 80,000 people showed up to watch a kid do a damn chemistry experiment?.” Exactly.


6 Overtimes….wow

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Syracuse survives historic Big East overtime thriller

It was a historic night at Madison Square Garden, a Big East basketball tournament thriller that started in prime time Thursday night and didn’t end until the early hours of Friday morning.

Simply put, the 127-117 victory by Syracuse over UConn, was a terrific battle of wills and stamina and was a six overtime battle that counted for 70 basketball minutes and nearly four hours of real time. It was the first six-overtime game in Big East history and the longest game in NCAA competition in 28 years.

In the end, both teams were spent, exhausted. Three starters from each team had fouled out and in the end, Syracuse was able to take advantage of the missing Hasheem Thabeet, A.J. Price and Stanley Robinson from the UConn lineup. The Orange never led in the first five overtimes but took over in the sixth five-minute test.

“I’ve never been more proud of any team I’ve ever had,” said Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim afterward

Read the rest HERE

(this article is by Tom Edrington)

Calhoun Gets 800 (…not giving a dime back)

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Jim Calhoun won his 800th game yesterday. Sadly, the bigger story was that the post game press conference did not hold any of the theatrics that the South Florida game did. (Not a dime. Not a dime!). There have been some developments in the days past, when Jodi Rell (Governor of Connecticut) said that if there was a “do over” Calhoun would probably choose his words better, or something to that affect. Well my advice? Jodi Rell should realize that while she is a nice lady, and looks like “everybody’s grandmother” (and has some interesting Christmas sweaters),
more people in CT know who Calhoun is than Jodi Rell. Secondly, Calhoun is one of only three state employees that actually pays his own salary. You know what else? Jim Calhouns initials are JC. You know who else he shares those with? Well after 800 wins he is the Jesus Christ of Storrs, CT. (…cause you know, who’s footsteps better to follow in than JC’s?)
The good news, is I did score an exclusive interview with another famous UConn coach , in one sit down. So here you have it,

FWG’s exclusive interview with Jim Calhoun,and Randy Edsall.

FWG: Its so incredible to have you guys here right now. I can’t believe we could get the logistics worked out. Although I did have to pay a small fee. Jim, have you received my check?
JC: Not a dime.
RE: Not a dime!
FWG: hmmm thats weird. But not unusual for me. Moving on, this next question is for Coach Edsall. You utilized Reggie Mclain this year on “Nickle Package” defenses. Some experts suggest moving another safety in the mix, called the “Dime package.” Will you run that this coming season?
RE: Not a dime!
FWG: Well that solves that. Coach Calhoun, I have some change in my pocket, its not a nickle, its…
JC: …not a dime!
FWG: Thats right, its a quarter. Randy, how much do you make a year?
RE: Not a dime!
FWG: Incorrect, you make over a million a year also. Don’t lie to the media, Randy. Or we’ll get Jeff Jacobs on you again. By the way, how much do you think Jeff Jacobs is worth?
RE: Not a dime.
FWG: Agreed.
JC: Not a dime!
FWG: Its not your turn yet. I want to thank you both for your time, granting me this exclusive. Anything you want to tell our readers before we go?
JC/RE: Not a dime!
FWG: That doesn’t really fit there, it’s almost as if this interview was totally made up..

Final Thoughts:
It is 9:20am, I leave for New York today (then its off to Europe). There is a plumber in my basement. The most awful noises are now coming out of there. I can only imagine that it looks like a scene from “Saw” right now.

Calhoun the Killer

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Apparently Jim Calhoun also brought his fraternity paddle to his post game press conference. (The boys of pi epsilon pi are ecstatic). A free lance reporter, who’s site can be found HERE asked him if he was going to give back any of his 1.7 million dollar salary, in the face of the states current budget crisis. Calhoun promptly cut the reporter down, with “Not a dime. Not a dime!” He then took out his paddle and beat the guy senseless (or at least that’s what it seemed like to me).
You could hear the quiver in this reporters voice. Like a kid asking his Dad for more allowance.
Let me say this, I’m tired of this give the salary back crap. This commie loving, share the wealth, B.S. It was the same with football at UConn, even other athletes asking why they didn’t get as much gear (shoes, shorts, etc.) as the football team. Well, that would be because unlike rowing or track, Football actually makes money for the University. Same with basketball. They generate 12 million dollars a year for the school, not to mention untold amounts in merchandising and exposure which brings more students to UConn. I’ve had enough of it. If he wants to give it back? Fine. If he doesn’t? After two national titles, the second most current NBA players of any school, and a number one ranking, he’s worth every penny.