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FWG Goes To The Oscars

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the-oscarsI watched the Oscars last night.  Which is probably the most self-absorbed event on the planet.  Not to mention that “thing” from Precious was out in full force.  Sorry if I’m being insensitive, but it was like Sandra Bullock and Mo’Nique (I apologize if I’ve misplaced the apostrophe) were out to end racism through….get this….broad and sweeping racist generalizations.  Let me step down off my soap box for a minute to congratulate Tyler Perry for the only moment of honesty in the night when he said “I’ll probably never be up here again.”  What Tyler? Why? I know, I know, I felt like “I can do bad all by myself” got snubbed this year too.  What exactly is the Academy watching?

Anyway, the Hurt Locker dominated, as it should of, and the close ups of James Cameron spending most of the evening sitting down were epic.  Sure, I’ve taken that left turn to negative town early this morning. Missing from the crowd was Michael Moore, who despite an awful take on politics, always makes me feel great knowing there is one guy who is far fatter and self righteous than I.

Anyway, on a lighter note, Thoughts From A Fat White Guy has grown considerably in the past year, thanks for supporting me and our team here (Jay, Andrew The Intern, Tech-Guy-Greg, and JoJo).  You didn’t think I was here making the magic all by myself, did you?  Not possible…I’m not a machine.


I should have mentioned this before, but as the girlfriend sat on the couch with me, she said “Penelope is really your girl, isn’t she.”  Apparently my jaw hitting the floor every time she was on camera was evidence enough.  Call it strange, but I think her lack of regard for (or command of) the English language only turns me on more.  It’s like “Screw-chu Ah-mer-icah. I’m going to roll mi arrrrrrh’s foreverrrrr” Hot.  Vicky Christina Barcelona:

I Want An Oompa Loompa Now!

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Well combine is over, I’m out here scrambling for things to talk about, as the draft approaches.  I will be going to a few prodays, so I’ll have that to talk about.  Pretty much, I’m just living the dream here in Boston.  My roommate, or as she likes to be called my “girlfriend” is campaigning for me to parlay this blog into a free Motorola Droid for her (see her sales pitch below).  But I told her, that free laundry and internet fame were about all that Thoughts From a Fat White Guy brings to the table.  I mean, don’t get mad at me, you’re the one that signed up for this ride.  You broke it you bought it.

Your Fat White…err…Black Guy Moment Of The Week

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Go ahead and fast forward to the 40 second mark.

The Penn State football team has really outdone themselves with this one.  “Thon” is a fundraiser at Penn State that raises money for Childhood Cancer Research.  Not only is the football team supporting an excellent cause, but unlike the talent shows of my youth, the fat kid has a time to shine.  Which would be #75, freshman defensive tackle Evan Hailes.  You gotta love it when the fat kid can move.

Hat Tip [EDSBS]

This Week In Insinuation and Juxtaposition….

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With several Oregon Ducks getting dismissed  over the weekend for what I’ll call a “lapse in judgement” and then the debacle of their 2009 season opener against Boise State. I’m starting to think I should take my orange and teal starter jacket out of retirement.  It’s like the glory days of the U, we are just a few failed drug tests and gang shootings away from Eugene becoming the new Miami.

Twitter Has Gone Too Far…This Week’s Sign Of The Apocalypse

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It says it cant monitor barking, napping, and eating.  Great.  But can it measure “just licked my balls for 20 minute straight in front of the company” or “I peed on Rob’s pillow” or “oh no! he’s getting the peanut butter again”

I sure hope not.

via Zach @ [GawkerTV]

Monday Morning Links: Hangover Edition

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No, I’m not hung over (me…well, I never touch the stuff) but I’ll tell you who is:  Colts fans.  And who isn’t, Bills Fans, cause come playoff time we have nothing to do. Sure I watched the game yesterday, but I’ll leave the analysis to the guys over at FWG-NFL. But since football season is now officially over, here’s some links to get you through your day.

Super Bowl Commercials really didn’t do it for me.  You can find the complete compilation of them here.  My knee jerk reaction? There was a lot of man-meat on the screen all night.

No homo.

Troy Polamalu, with all that beautiful hair had one of the best of the day.  Side note:  That is his most manageable size.

Lost Premiere Tonight! The Final Season….and nothing to do with football

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lost-logoI haven’t missed an episode of Lost since it began.  Not one.  And tonight is the premiere of the new (and final) season.  I can only imagine that all those hours glued to the TV will pay off with every question and mystery getting uniformly resolved.  I know college hoops is up and running, but college football is done, signing day isn’t til Wednesday so why don’t you go treat yourself to some Jack, Sawyer, and Kate….one me.

Final Thoughts:
My girlfriend said she wanted to start watching.  We got one episode in and she goes, “I don’t get it.  Why don’t they just hang out on the beach all day, that’s what I’d do”   On some level I was almost dumbfounded, as any fan of ABC’s Lost would be, “Hang out? Hang out?!? But there is hatches, and codes, and a fucking polar bear mystery to be solved!”  But then I realized, holy shit, why the hell don’t they just hang out on the beach?

January 29th, The Birthday Of Champions and Fat Kids

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Today is my birthday, it is also Ians @

It also happens to be Tom Selleck’s birthday, which is ironic considering this piece I did on him last year.  Anyway,I usually celebrate my birthday by dreading Winter Workouts.  But today, I woke up, ate brownies and ice cream, and did the naked dance for my girlfriend.  All was well, and then I saw this video, which makes me regret joking about how delicious brownies are for breakfast.

NFL NEWS EXCLUSIVE: Time Line For The Buffalo Bills Head Coaching Position Discovered!

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bills-fanEvery year, come playoff time, Jay and I call in to question why we root for the Upstate Underdogs, that is, the Buffalo Bills in “your” language.   Then they announce Chan Gailey as their head coach and I almost want to quit life immediately, a had to stop Jay from reaching for his hunting rifle.  That was until some investigative blogging (riiight)  revealed this document from the Buffalo Bills front office.  In it, we have transcripts and a time line which lead us to our current coaching climate in Buffalo:  Frosty, wibill-cowhlerth a chance of firing.  Enjoy…

Bills: Hey Bill Cowher, want to be our head coach?

Bill Cowher: NO!  (Don’t worry Bill I made the same face when I heard they asked you, how dare they?)

Bills: Hey Mike Shanahan, will you interview for the job?


Bills: Jim Harbaugh, want the job?

Jim H.: NO!

Leslie Frazier, please interview for the job?


Bills:Brian Schottenheimer, please intervi…

BS: (interrupts) NO!

Bills: Well….does you dad Marty want the job?


So give the Bills a break. What would you have done if you had to hire a coach and this is how you spent your last few weeks. Good luck Chan, I’ll give you max 3 years, 2 in Buffalo and the last in LA.


Things could be worse….

WTIC Sports Radio and FWG

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Yeah this is the first post of the day.  And, yes, it is noon.  I’m working non stop to launch a new NFL site, stopping only for handfulls of Tostino Pizza Rolls, which are by the way, like popping little lava-filled pizza dough in your mouth.  Exploding as you chomp in, what I can only describe as, as a highly sympolic, slightly metaphorical allegory for tempation and “good things come to those who wait.”  Anyway, here’s a radio interview from UConn’s Bowl Game to tide you over.